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"A photograph never grows old.  People change all through the months and years, but a photograph remains the same.  You see them as you remember them."     Albert Einstein
May 29, 1941 - October 11, 1989 

Rodney did not list any clubs in the 1960 Annona that he may have participated in during his time at PHS, but in the Tiger's Tale Last Will and Testament just prior to graduation, he wrote:  "I, Rodney Amerson, will all of my good luck and worries to Joe Boyett."  In May 1960, shortly before graduation, he advertised for a permanent job as an apprentice in the Pensacola News.  Rodney passed away in 1989, age 48, and is buried in Ponce de Leon Cemetery, Holmes, FL., next to his parents, Woodrow W. Amerson and Versie P. Amerson.  No obituary was published.   
November 24, 1942 - November 22, 2022

Ronnie was on the Announcing Staff and the Devotion Committe, a member of Future Doctors, President of Square Dance Club, Vice President of the PHS Track Team, Member of Talent Club, Leon Manus and Hi-Y.   In his senior Last Will & Testament, he left "my nickname, "Bernie," to Donald Jaslow, and my parking place at "McDonald's" to Ginger McDavid.  Ronnie and Ginger were happily married for many years and blessed with two wonderful children, Katie and Eric.  Ginger passed away in 2006.  In his mini bio written for our 50th Reunion booklet, Ronnie wrote that he loved "Walking, bowling, tennis, theatre, concerts, and doing the family thing.  Still travel, quite a bit.  Spent most of my adult life teaching in Pensacola (math and Theatre) and working in Indonesia for 15 years as a consultant on several World Bank funded educational projects.  Got to see all parts of the world.  Loved the Indonesian people and culture and thoroughly enjoyed living in an international commmunity.  Now love living on Pensacola Beach.  Walk the beach every morning and have my first cup of coffee at the end of the Gulf Pier.  Still wish I could rock and roll all night, BUT...."  In the 55th Reunion booklet under interest and activities, he added: "Singing in the church choir, playing with grandkids, watching NCAA football, Theatre and Concerts, short distance traveling, breakfast with Bill Kennedy once every 2 weeks."   Go HERE for Ronnie's obituary and to read about his very interesting life.

July 1, 1942 - March 14, 1998
Delores was a member of the PHS Band her sophomore, junior, and senior years.  She played the saxophone in the marching band, the concert band, the jazz band and the dance band, and was Quartermaster in her senior year. In our senior "Last Will & Testament," she willed "my split reed to Sue Woods, and my unforgettable days with Caesar to Pat Brockman.  Good luck, Girls!" Delores passed away from cancer at age 55, and is buried in Clear Springs, AL.   Go HERE for her obituary.
January 31, 1942 - January 6, 2010

Linda was Secretary of Girl's Sports Club in her senior year.  She participated in Intramurals, was Treasurer in Red Cross Club, and Secretary in Y-Teens.  She was a member of the National Honor Society and the Student Council. In the senior "Last Will & Testament," she bequeathed "to Ann Holsberry, one-fifth interest in a car pool, to Marsha Lynn, the vice presidency of the GSC."   Linda attended Pensacola Junior College after graduation and married in 1966.  Go HERE to learn more about Linda's life after high school. 
September 23, 1943 - September 22, 2013

During her three years at PHS, Sandra was a member of Music Appreciation, Y-Teens, Biology Club (Secretary 3), Fashions & Modeling, Flowers, Inc (Board of Directors), and Intramurals.  Her bequest in the senior "Last Will & Testatment," was to "will my admiration to Miss Monroe to all Latin enthusiasts." Sandra was a teacher at Middle Tennessee State University; Chairman, New Dames Club (MTSU); President of Campus School PTA.  She also taught at Middle Tennessee Christian School and in Developmental Studies at MTSU.  She was a minister's wife, a Sunday School teacher, and a Ladies Bible Class teacher.  She did volunteer work at hospitals, worked with literacy programs, loved reading, cross stitching and cooking.  Go HERE to read Sandra's obituary. 
February 26, 2021

Bill was a retired Methodist minister and in that capacity he relocated several times during his career.  He was living in Milton at our 40th reunion, in Montgomery, AL, at our 45th, retired in Oklahoma at our 50th, and at our 55th he was in Missouri, where he passed away in February 2021.  During his three years at PHS, he was in Music Appreciation, Speaker's Bureau, Hi-Y, Student Council, and Teens for Christ.  His bequest in our senior Last Will and Testament was to "leave to Richard White the few (very few) "D's" which marred my senior report card.  I think he'll be pretty grateful to get them."    After retiring from the Ministry, Bill did some fill-in preaching and taught Sunday School, and he enjoyed reading and studying books of Theology and History.   Click HERE for Bill's obituary.

February 15, 1942 - March 3, 2002

Bill was in Annona Advertising in his junior year and was co-business manager in his senior year.  He was President of the Biology Club in his senior year.  He attended Pensacola Junior College in 1960-61, where he was a member of the PJC TIDE Yearbook staff. Bill was the Deputy Director for the Council on the Arts for the State of Alabama, and was living in Montgomery, AL, at the time of his death.  He is buried next to his parents in St. John's Cemetery, Pensacola.  Go HERE to read Bill's obituary.
February 9, 1943 - December 23, 1984

Bobbie Jean joined our class in our senior year.  She was not a member of any clubs in school and she did not have a bequest in the senior "Last Will & Testament."  She was on our "Missing List" for several years and we have not been able to find an obituary for her.  She passed away in Gallatin, TN, and is buried in Bethpage Cemetery. 
October 23, 1942 - February 12, 1968
Killed in Action - Thua Thign Province
Panel 39E, Row 17 - Vietnam Memorial Washington DC
At PHS, Winfield served on the ANNONA Circulation staff, participated in the Aviation Club, the Cross Country Team, Track Team, Secretary of the Junior Civitan Club, President of his Hi-Y Club, and Secretary of Young Men's Better Grooming Club.  Winfield was a freshman at Pensacola Junior College 1960-61.  He married his high school sweetheart, Joanne Reilly, on April 29, 1962.

This came from classmate Gerry Vinson: "
I'm reading a book by Mark Bowden the author of "Black Hawk Down".  His new one is "Huế 1968". In this latest book he mentions Lt. Winfield Beck as a rifle platoon leader.  Winfield was described as a hero by his commanding officer.  He was also pretty tough.  That's probably what kept him alive for so long. The reference is toward the top of page 68." 

From Wikipedia: "The Battle of Hue' (31 January 1968 – 2 March 1968), was a major military engagement in the Tet Offensive launched by North Vietnam and the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War. After initially losing control of most of Hue' and its surroundings, the combined South Vietnamese  and American forces gradually recaptured the city over one month of intense fighting. The battle was one of the longest and bloodiest of the war."

Go HERE to read more about Winfield's life and service to his country.
June 27, 1941 - December 20, 1985
During his three years at PHS, Richard was in the following clubs:  Christian Youth, DCT, Sgt. at Arms, World Wide Friendship and Science Fair.  In his Tiger's Tale "Last Will and Testament" he wrote: "I, Richard Bell, do hereby bequeath to all lucky juniors, my intelligence in Miss Carter's english class."   Richard was born in Worcester, Massachusetts and moved to Pensacola when he was a teenager.  He returned to the Boston area as a adult and passed away there in 1985. He is buried at Pine Grove Cemetery in Leicester, MA, next to his grandparents, Frederic and Germaine Bond.   Click HERE to read his obituary.
November 14, 1941 - July 2, 1996

Richard sang in the Glee Club and joined SPEBSQSA (Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America) and Intramurals. He enlisted in the US Navy immediately after graduation, in July 1960.  He fought in Vietnam and left the service in July 1965, returning home to Milton, FL.  Richard was killed in an automobile accident in at the age of 54.  Go HERE to read his obituary.

September 24, 1942 - April 16, 2008
Elaine was in Christian Youth Club, Future Airline Hostesses, Y-Teens and Square Dance.  In her "Last Will and Testament" at the end of senior year, she bequeathed "my beat-up typewriter in Typing II class to Joye Hall."  Elaine worked for the Escambia County School System for 26 years. Go HERE to read her obituary.
August 16, 1942 - November 1, 2020

Sally was in the Dramatics Club, Fashions & Modeling, Florida History, and The Speakers Bureau.  In her senior Last Will & Testament bequest, she left her "malet to Linda Hetherington with the best of luck."   Sally was a retired educator, married to James Currie.  They lived in Pensacola and had two children, Timothy and Kimberly, and two beloved grandchildren, Christopher and Katie.  She was a member of Fiesta Forces and FFWC Escarosa Woman's Club.  Go HERE for Sally's obituary, and  HERE for a photo of Sally & James at our 50th Class Reunion in 2010.
November 18, 1942 - May 13, 2016

Charles was a member of Chi-Ro Hi-Y during his three years at PHS.  His entry in our Senior "Last Will & Testatment" was brief and to the point: "I, Charles Bookout, hereby leave - I HOPE."  Charles was a freshman at Pensacola Junior College 1960-61.  He was married to classmate Virginia Hoffmaster, and they had four sons, but subsequently divorced.  Charles was a resident of Robertsdale, Alabama, when he died.  His obituary only listed the date of his passing.
December 20, 1942 - May 9, 2022

Connie was a member of  Y-Teens, Future Nurses, Scribblers and the Bowling Club during her three years at PHS.  In her senior Last Will & Testament, she bequeathed to Diana Freeland and Ann Stamps "our car pool in 1960.  Get some boys in the next time."  Connie married an U.S. Airforce Pilot in 1969 and traveled the world while raising their three children.  She was a retired teacher and she contracted Multiple Sclerosis in midlife, which resulted in significant changes in her life but did not stop her from enjoying it, as evidenced by her joyful spirit  when she attended our 50th reunion in 2010.  Go HERE to read her obituary, which includes a photograph of Connie at that reunion.

February 11, 1942 - July 8, 2011
In high school Pat was a member of the Art Club, Christian Youth, and Fashions and Modeling.  In her senior "Last Will & Testament," she bequeathed "my seat and the teacher in first period typing class to my sister, Sherry." Pat retired from Ford Motor Company where she was a supervisor.  She had two children and two grandchilden.  Her son, Kevin, passed away in 2003 at the age of 40.  She enjoyed golf, gardening, classic cars with her husband, Edsel, and her grandchildren.  Go HERE to read Pat's obituary. 
March 25, 1942 - April 30, 2008
Carolyn was a member of Future Nurses, Flowers, Inc., World Wide Friendship Club, and the Beta Club. She graduated from Pensacola Junior College. Married at 20, she was divorced by age 23, and a single mother.  She was a Budget Analyst at NAS Pensacola, retiring after 30 years of service.  Click HERE to read more about Carolyn's interesting life.
July 9, 1941 - October 12, 1980

Larry served on the Student Council, Leo Manus, the Tiger Football team, and played Varsity Basketball.  His bequest in the senior "Last Will & Testament" was to "leave my place in Mr. Mabire's class to any sucker who is taking physics next year."  Larry was a member of the Freshman class at Pensacola Junior College in 1960 and played basketball with the PJC Pirates, leading the Florida Junior College Athletic Conference in scoring. Go HERE to read the Pensacola News article from January, 1961, all about Larry.  From PJC he went on to Florida State University, where he continued his basketball career.  Larry suffered from coronary artery disease, and he passed away at age 39 from cardiac arrest following coronary bypass surgery at St Luke's Hospital in Houston, Texas.  To read Larry's obituary, go HERE, and HERE for a tribute to Larry, published in the St Petersburg Times, October 15, 1980.  
July 23, 1942 - February 8, 2004

During his three years at PHS, Larry was a member of the Florida History Club and was Vice President of his Hi-Y Club.   In his "Last Will & Testament" he wrote: "I, Larry Burch, do hereby bequeath my special parking place to the next owner of a Harley 74."  In May 1998, at age 55, he married Melissa Oquist, age 27, in Pensacola.  The marriage was short lived, and they divorced in August 2000.  His last known address was near Lillian, AL. There was no obituary.
March 11, 1942 - February 27, 1986

Judy passed away less than a year following our 25th Class Reunion.  She resided in Cantonment, FL, with her husband,  Roger Roy, and their four children. Judy was a manager at AT&T Communications, and her husband was a planner at NAS, Pensacola.  At PHS,  Judy was on the Student Council her senior year, and was a member of several clubs: DCT, DE, Y-Teen, Chic and Charming and Bowling.  For her senior "Last Will & Testament," she wrote: "I, Judy Busbee, hereby bequeath to Kay Jorgenson the fun I have had in my senior year and hope that she doesn't suffice with those good for nothing boys; What we couldn't do without them!"   Go HERE to read Judy's obituary.

November 28, 1942 - October 17, 2021
Terry graduated from PHS with the Class of 1961, but he always was close to our class and had many friends in both.  Terry attended Marion Military Academy in his sophomore year.  At PHS he was on the baseball team and was a member of the Florida History Club, Future Doctors, Jr. Civitan and Jr. Red Cross.  After graduation, he attended Pensacola Junior College. Terry was father to two sons and grandfather to four grandchildren.  Go HERE to read Terry's obituary.  
March 26, 1942 - January 20, 2012 

Larry Butler did not graduate with the Class of '60, but he did start out with us in our sophomore year before transferring to Escambia High School.  His accomplishments at Escambia High foretold his life to come: Announcer for School Band, President of Talent Club, Who's Who - Most Talented (Go HERE).  Larry went on to enjoy a long and impressive career in the music industry. For a 1975 article from Pensacola News Journal go HERE,  go HERE to read an article published in the New York Times at his passing, and HERE for Larry's obituary, which includes one line that sums up a good and distinguished life: "Larry touched the lives of many not only with his music but also with his warm smile and kind heart."
February 17, 1942 - January 30, 2009
Tom was on the Announcing Staff, the Cross Country and Track Teams and was a star performer at the hurdles. His bequest in the Senior "Last Will & Testament" was to leave "all my broken hurdles to David Burmeister and my EHS girlfriends to Bruce Morrison."  Tom was a freshman at Pensacola Junior College 1960-61. Tom and his wife Diane lived in Pennsylvania for many years, raising their two boys and enjoying their five grandchildren.  In our 45th Reunion booklet in 2005, he wrote: "Enjoying Pensacola again after 32 years away!!"   Go HERE to read Tom's obituary. 
April 20, 1942 - January 19, 2000
Dick Caspari did not graduate with us in 1960, but he was part of our class in our sophomore and junior years at PHS.  Dick grew up to be a world-renowed innovator in orthopedic medicine and was an extremely gifted physician.  He suffered a heart attack and died at age 57 while on a skiing vacation in Vail, Colorado. Go HERE to read more about Dick's amazing contributions to medicine, HERE to read a brief biography, and HERE to read our classmate Ruby Waid's special memories of her friend.
January 3, 2021

Gordon was a member of Florida History and Hi-Y, and played on the Tiger Baseball Team in his senior year.  In his senior Last Will and Testament, he left his "ability to get along with Coach Ward to anyone who will take it."  In case you have forgotten, Shorty Ward was the baseball coach at PHS.  Gordon entered the freshman class at Pensacola Junior College following his graduation from PHS. He was a retired CPA.  Divorced, he was the father of five children.   Unfortunately Gordon passed away during the Covid pandemic crisis.  The only notice of his passing was that his body was cremated in Pensacola, January 2021.  No further information was provided.  

April 11, 2022

John was a member of the Math Club and was on the PHS Track Team for all three years he attended PHS. He ran on the Cross Country Track Team his senior year.  In his senior Last Will & Testament he bequeathed "to Coral David Burmaster, my thoroughly unskilled ability as a "Flying Tiger High-Jumper."   John was a retired software engineer (Oracle Database).  His wife, Phyllis, was a retired Principal/Assistant Principal for Middle School and High School.  They had two children,  Christina and Melissa, and a grandson born in 2010.  In the 50th Reunion booklet, John listed as special interests, Tennis, Digital Photography, Genealogy Research, Woodworking and Wood Carving.  He retired in 2009 and mentioned that he owned four houses:  2 in Maryland and 2 in Venice, Florida.  We have not been able to locate an obituary. 
November 18, 1942 - January 21, 2001

Gary was a member of the Bowling Club and the Junior Navy League.  His bequest in our Senior "Last Will & Testament" was to "leave my grades to anyone crazy enough to take them."  Gary was a lifelong Pensacolian.  He retired from NAS Pensacola and loved his family and cars.  Go HERE to read Gary's obituary.
December 22, 1942 - July 26, 2009
Barry was a member of the Aviation Club, the Bowling Club, and the Instrumental Club, and played clarinet in the Marching Band and the Concert Band.  In his senior "Last Will & Testament" he wrote: "I, Barry Len Cobb III, do hereby leave to Ricky Hulbert my chair on the first clarinet stand.  Also my place in Holston's humanities class." Barry was a director and administrator at the Department of Defense and a member of the Advisory Board of Harvard MLE Institute.  In his spare time, he enjoyed sailing, travel and golf.   Go HERE to read his very detailed and interesting obituary.
November 4, 1942 - September 15, 1964

During his three years at PHS, Mike played the trumpet in the Marching Band, the Concert Band and the Dance Band and participated in Intramurals.  In the senior "Last Will & Testament," he left "my English Lit book to Mary Lestelle." He joined the freshman class at PJC after graduation, and married Mary Eva Lestelle (PHS '61) in November 1963.   Sadly, Mike passed away ten months later at age 21.  He is buried in the family plot at Bayview Memorial Park.  Go HERE for his obituary. 

Recently we received a note from a friend of Mike's, Larry Bush, and with his permission, I share it with our class: 

"In the Memoriam section, Michael Henry Cobb's date of birth is November 4, 1942, if you care to add it.  He was one of my best friends and died young at 21.  It was  very sad to me personally because he and I and Richard Cross palled together from Brentwood Junior High through PHS, the Three Musketeers as it were.  We were in the PHS band together.  The irony to me is that there were three Cobb brothers, and the other two were asthmatic, which cramped their style somewhat, whereas Mike pitched on the junior high baseball team and was quite active in general.  The two surviving brothers are still with us. Mike died from a brain aneurysm.  He had just gotten married to Mary Lestelle (PHS 1961), and had bought a house and they were joyfully looking forward to their life together.  They were getting ready for work one morning, and when Mike went to take his shower and didn't come out, Mary investigated and found him dead in the bathtub.  The doctor said that he died almost instantly.  Richard and I were pallbearers.  It was one of those defining moments in life, I suppose."
August 24, 1942 - May 29, 2003
Jim was Secretary of Junior Navy League in his senior year.  His bequest in our Senior "Last Will & Testatment" was to leave his "seat in Miss Raborn's English IV-C class to Diane Cassidy."  We haven't located much additional information on Jim.  He updated his address in the 35th Reunion booklet to Pass Christian, MS. and that is where he is buried, at Live Oak Cemetery.   Click HERE
September 14, 1942 - November 25, 2013
Linda joined our class in our Senior Year.  Her Sophomore and Junior years of high school were at New Bern High in North Carolina, where she was on staff of the student newspaper Bear Cub (go HERE), the Student Council, FHA, and Junior Steering Committee. At PHS, she joined Chic & Charming. Her bequest in the "Last Will & Testament" was to "leave my desk in psychology class to Ronnie Love." Go HERE to read Linda's comments from our 50th Reunion Booklet, and HERE to read much more about her life after high school.

August 8, 1942 - June 30, 2013
Bill Collins was on the PHS Baseball Team, and his bequest in the Senior Class "Last Will & Testament" was to "leave my first base coaching box to Bobby "Lightning" Yonkers."  Bill was born in Pensacola and spent most of his life here, moving to Gautier, MS after retiring from the Naval Air Station. His memorial plaque at Crestlawn Memorial Park in Ocean Springs reads simply "BILL COLLINS".  Click HERE to read Bill's obituary. 
February 6, 1942 - July 7, 2018

Marsha was very active throughout her three years spent in the halls of PHS.  She was in the Honor Society, Christian Youth Club, Future Teachers, Y-Teens, Student Band Leader, and Head Quartermaster.  In her bequest for the Senior Class "Last Will & Testament," she left "my sister Regina in the care of Jerry Scarboro in hopes that he will keep her from getting lost on band trips and I also leave my job as Band Head Quartermaster to any poor soul who wants to polish 5,000 buttons this summer."  Marsha's last update in our 2015 Reunion Booklet was, "I love to read, listen to good music, garden (especially old roses) and do heirloom sewing, especially christening gowns for my nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.  I also enjoy tracing family history and going to family reunions.  Love hearing from old friends on Facebook!" Please go HERE to read Marsha's detailed obituary.

January 24, 1942 - October 11, 2005
Tucker served on the Student Council and was a member of the Florida History Club. He played fullback on the Fighting Tiger Football Team his sophomore and junior years, and left field on the Tiger Baseball Team his senior year.  In his Senior "Last Will & Testament," he left "my fun at PHS to Artie McGraw." After graduation, he entered the freshman class at Florida State University and graduated in 1964. While at FSU he was a member of the Flying High Circus Troupe (Go HERE) .  He joined the US Army in 1965 and was stationed in Vietnam for a year.  He continued his education at the University of West Florida, and graduated in the Charter Class on June 1, 1969, with a BA in Social Science.  By 1972, he was living in Montgomery, AL., where his mother and father had relocated from Pensacola.  He was the newly appointed member of the staff of Atty. Gen. Robert Shevin. Tucker passed away from cancer in 2005.  He is buried beside his parents at Greenwood Cemetery in Montgomery.  Go HERE to read Tucker's very brief obituary from the Montgomery Advertiser. 
July 6, 1941 - September 1, 2018

 Bill was out sick on the day our senior photos were made so the one featured here was from our Junior year Annona. No photo meant no list of senior activities in the yearbook.  In his "Last Will & Testament" bequest, he left "to my loyal and favorite Ancient History teacher, Mr. Lett, my new ancient history book so he can get rid of his old one."  Bill had 10 children, 18 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren, quite a legacy.  Click HERE to read his obituary, a wonderful tribute to a man well loved by his family and friends.
February 5, 1942 - June 26, 2021

Richard was a member of the PHS Fighting Tiger Band for all three years of high school.  He was Sargeant-at-Arms of the Jazz Club, a member of the Instrumental Club, as well the Photography Club and the Art Club.  In his senior Last Will and Testament, he bequeathed "my talent for flunking History twice in a row to any dumb sophmore who would like it."  Richard served in the Marine Corps Reserves for seven years and worked at International Paper (formerly St Regis), for 35 years until his retirement in 2007. He passed away in 2021 after a long battle with Glioblastoma. Richard's obituary may be found HERE.
January 13, 1965

Bill Crow was a member of Junior Civitans, Varsity Club, Spanish Club, Hi-Y, First Aid Club and was on the PHS Tennis Team from it's inception in the 1958-59 school year. In the Senior Class "Last Will & Testament," Bill wrote: "I, Bill Crow, do hereby leave Byron Bracewell my jeep and all the beach parties."  Bill graduated from Pensacola Junior College and then went on to Mississippi State University in Starkville. He was on the tennis team at PJC and a member of the Bulldog tennis team at Mississippi State. Bill suffered from childhood leukemia and was 22 years old when he died.  Go HERE for his obituary.
January 31, 1943 - November 15, 1999 
Vicki participated in Christian Youth Club, Girls Sports Club, National Honor Society, Square Dance, Y-Teens, and World Wide Friendship.  In her Senior "Last Will & Testament," she left "my PHS gym bag to Eleanor Bulger and my squad book to Linda Hetherington."  Vicki married Jim Richart in 1963 and they moved to Canton, PA.  They both were school teachers, Vicki elementary school (6th grade Math and computer lab), and Jim high school.  Go HERE to learn so much more about Vicki's life in the years after high school.  
August 20, 1965

David DeArman joined our class in our senior year and consequently, he didn't leave a very big footprint behind. His Senior "Last Will & Testament" and Annona photograph are the only things to mark his presence in our class:  "I, David DeArman, do hereby bequeath my white tennis shoes to Leslie Thompson and the bottle of "bleach" to Joey Benson.  They need them!"  David was a freshman at Pensacola Junior College 1960-61.  Sadly, he died in an automobile hit-and-run at the age of 23.  Go HERE  for more information on the circumstances of his death and to read his obituary.

October 30, 1942 - October 14, 1998

Vicki DeBarr was in our class for her sophomore and senior years.  She attended Escambia High School for her junior year.  At PHS she was a member of the Bowling Club, Future Nurses and Future Airlines Hostesses and Annona Advertising.  At Escambia High, she was a member of Future Nurses and Girls Athletic Association. After graduation, Vicki attended Pensacola Junior College. She and her second husband, Ken Leisinger, opened up their family business, the Picadilly Deli in 1981.  Vicki passed away at age 55 from Muscular Dystrophy.  Go HERE  to read her obituary.
December 3, 1942 - May 12, 2021

Diane left a large footprint during her three years at PHS.  She was part of the ANNONA Circulation and Advertising staff, a member of Fashions and Modeling, Florida History, Future Teachers, Glee Club, Intramurals, Music Appreciation, Spanish Club, Y-Teens and Student Council.  Her Senior Last Will & Testament stated, "I do not bequeath anything, including Terry Garvin, with the exception of my place in the chorus to Janet and to Mac Campbell the job of getting a new alto tenor."  Diane was a retired educator, a volunteer reading teacher, and a volunteer in her community in Jacksonville, FL.  She played tennis, was a faithful and devout member of her church, and she traveled all over the world with her husband, Dick Erickson.  She was the proud mother of four children and devoted grandmother to ten beloved grandchildren.  Go HERE for Diane's obituary. 
September 18, 2020

Sally Decker was involved in many club activities in her three years at PHS.  Her club memberships were Art, Dramatics, Fashion & Modeling, Florida History, Y-Teens, French Club, and Junior Gray Ladies.  She was on the Announcing Staff, a Feature Editor on the Tiger's Tale, a member of Quill & Scroll, and a member of the Beta Club in its inaugural year at PHS.  In her senior Last Will & Testament, Sally bequeathed "a well used bench in the sun for the use of the next Feature Editor during 6th period TIGER'S TALE."  Sadly we lost touch with Sally following our  graduation.  She passed away in Evans, Georgia, on September 18th, 2020, at the age of 78.
May 18, 2016

Judi was a member of Art Club, Bowling Club, Fashions & Modeling and Y-Teens.  In her Senior "Last Will & Testament," she bequeathed "all my good times at PHS to Frances Hamm."  Judi married Harry Hamm in 1961.  She worked as a dispatcher at West Florida Hospital, and Harry was a barber.  Together they raised three children who blessed them with nine grandchildren.   Go HERE to read Judi's obituary. 
April 17, 1941 - October 24, 1999
Darlene probably began her senior year at PHS after September.  She attended Lakeland High School in Lakeland Florida and indicated in our 1960 Annona that she was a member of several clubs at Lakeland during her third year.  She attended Pensacola Junior College as a freshman and was designated "head crew member" for the fall production of Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew."  In an article written in the Pensacola News, it stated that "Darlene Dooley will be burdened with a multitude of jobs:  she is the assistant director and the stage manager."  Go HERE if you would like to read the article in the Pensacola News about the "Taming of the Shrew,"  and HERE for Darlene's obituary which was contributed by her son, Kenny Ballew, in 2021. 

September 24, 1941 - January 16, 2012
Wayne may have joined our class late in his senior year, since his photograph did not appear in the senior Annona and only one club was listed for the year,  SPEBSQSA (The Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America). He did have a bequest in the Last Will & Testament, leaving "all my good luck to Carole Holland for her senior year."   He was in the freshman class at Pensacola Junior College,  and joined the US Air Force after graduation.  In October 1963, Wayne married Carole Holland (PHS '61). (Go HERE). When he returned home from the service, he continued his education at the University of West Florida.   Wayne and Carole lived in Gulf Breeze and raised two children.  Wayne was an engineer, Carole a nurse.  He was "a skilled fisherman, hunter and lifelong resident of Gulf Breeze."  Wayne is buried at Roselawn Cemetery.  His marker reads "Husband, Father, Son, Friend."  Go HERE for his obituary.

March 17, 1942 - December 11, 2014

In her senior Last Will & Testament, Marla bequeathed "to Wilma Jean Ware many happy and exciting club periods.  Good luck!"  Those clubs included Chic & Charming, Future Nurses, Y-Teens, World Wide Friendship, and D. C. T.  She moved to Fresno, California, as noted in our 35th Anniversary booklet in 1995 and was still there in 2000, which was the last time she sent any updates.  She passed away in 2014.  Go HERE for Marla's obituary. 
December 18, 1941 - December 1, 2008
Robert was on the Track Team and the Cross Country Team for his junior and senior years.  In his Senior "Last Will & Testament,"  his bequest was: "I, Robert Edgecumbe, do hereby leave to Bobe my last pair of track shoes."  Robert was a freshman at Pensacola Junior College 1960-61. He was a veteran of the US Army and was a training specialist at Monsanto, retiring after 34 years of service.    Go HERE to read his obituary.
October 21, 2020

Frank joined our class in our junior year.  He was a member of the Instrumental Club and the Spanish Club. He was a Student Band Leader and a member of the National Honor Society during his senior year.  In his sophomore year at Elizabethtown High School, Frank was on the Band Council and a member of the Chorus Club.  In our Senior Last Will & Testament, Frank left his "first chair solo trumpet to anyone who has the guts to bear the physical and mental strain that he will incur by receiving this position."  In our 50th Reunion Booklet, Frank wrote:  After leaving PHS, I went to FSU and earned my BME in Music Education.  I taught in Florida, Michigan and Texas for about 13 years until a friend convinced me to study to be a music therapist.  I spent 27 years as a music therapist at Napa State Hospital in Napa, CA.  It was difficult but rewarding work.  Because arthritis made it so I couldn't safely do my job anymore, I retired after 35 years and I was talked into taking up the trumpet again, and I am now playing in the Sonoma Hometown Bank.  Linda and I take decorative painting classes, which we find relaxing (mostly) and enjoyable.  I have resumed Tai Chi study, which I had done for some time in the 1980's.  Hobbies include woodworking, playing my horn in bands (after 30+ years of not playing!), traveling in California and New Mexico to see natural wonders and the ruins of the ancients, reading and trying to get my computers to work as they should.  Linda and I just had a manufactured home built on proberty we own in New Mexico and are anxious to get out there and see what it is like.  Previously we spent our time there in our 5th wheel trailer.  The house should be much more comfortable for us and our cats and dogs!  At present, we plan to divide our time between Napa and Blanco.  Linda is a 5th generation Californian and finds it difficult to think of leaving California for good.  I regret that time and distance will not allow me to attend the reunion.  It would be great to see old classmates again!"   Frank passed away in Blanco, New Mexico in October 2020.  
July 28, 1942 - March 2014

In his senior year at PHS, Tom was a member of Chi Rho Hi-Y and the Junior Navy League. His "Last Will & Testament" bequest was to "leave my luck to pass to Sonny Cushing. He'll need it."    Tom was a freshman at Pensacola Junior College in 1960.  He married Barbara Ann Andrews in April 1965 (Go HERE).  They had a daughter, Kerry Ann, and divorced in September 1982.  He married again to Mary Ethel Booker in 1992.  His last known address was in Gulf Breeze in 2010.  We have been unable to locate an obituary.
April 17, 1942 - January 31, 2020

Walter was a member of the Student Council, Key Club, and National Honor Society.  He graduated from Emory University,  Pensacola Junior College and  Florida State University,  receiving a degree in Economics, Finance and Accounting.  He was a fan of the FSU Seminoles, Led Zeppelin, and The Wizard of Oz.  Due to his failing health, he  had recently moved to Lima, Ohio, to be near his sister Christel, and passed away there on January 31st, exactly 19 years from the day his father died.  There was no obituary  but with a little detective work, we have managed to create one for him.   Go HERE to read more about Walter and his interesting family, and HERE to view some  newspaper clippings of Walter in his youth.   
August 14, 1941 - October 4, 2015

Barbara was in the Photography Club and Future Homemaker's.  In her Senior "Last Will & Testament," she bequeathed "all my bookkeeping books to Marlene Gresh." In our 45th Class Reunion Booklet, Barbara described herself as a "full time grandmother."  Go HERE to read Barbara's obituary which was copied as it appeared online, featuring her PHS graduation photograph.      
March 31, 1942 - December 14, 2007

Bobbie participated in many clubs and activites during her time at PHS:  Announcing Staff, Bowling, Dramatics, Future Nurses, Glee Club, Scribblers, Tiger's Tale, Y-Teens, and the National Honor Society.  She was in the freshman class at Pensacola Junior College, 1960-61.  We have not been able to locate an obituary for Bobbie.  Her last known address was in Chicago in 2000, where she was a real estate appraiser.  Go HERE to read a memorial from her childhood friend, Ruby Ann Waid.
February 15, 1942 - September 13, 2009
Sandy's clubs included Bible Study, Christian Youth, Glee Club and Voices Tour, Spanish Club and Talent.  Her bequest in our Senior "Last Will and Testament," was to leave "my great frustration at the sight of Miss Carter's Lit tests to Sonny Cushing."  Sandy and her husband, Bill, lived in Florisssant, MO, near St. Louis, where they raised three children.  She was an accountant, a church musician, and enjoyed travel in a RV Motorhome. Go HERE to view Sandy's obituary. 
July 6, 1942 - September 2019
Rebecca married Gerald Arthur Morrone, USN, in August 1961.  Her last know residence was in Palm City, FL.  In her Sophomore year at PHS, she was in the Square Dance club; Junior year in Future Airline Hostesses; Senior year, Secretary, D.E. Club, and member of D.C.T. Club. We have not been able to locate an obituary.

November 21, 1942 - October 21 1996
PHS Class of 1961

Bill's dad was the owner of Fowler Butane Gas Co., and he passed away in 1947, at the age of 37.  Bill was barely 5 years old at the time.  His mother ran the company after that, and Bill quit school his senior year to assist with the business.  His mom died in 1962 and Bill took over.  He passed away in 1996 in El Paso, Texas.  He and his wife, Sherry, had three children.  The photograph of Bill was provided by his friend, Gerry Vinson.  Gerry commented, "Bill quit school his senior year, taking on the family business at age 17.  I always had a lot of respect for his courage at doing such a thing at such a young age.  He went on to have a couple of very successful companies later in life." 
May 25, 1942 - June 5, 2017

Larry's clubs included Christian Youth and Varsity Club, and he was on the Basketball team all three years of high school.  He was in the freshman class at PJC 1960-61. Larry was a retired Division Director at Naval Aviation Depot and enjoyed golf and travel.  Click HERE for Larry's obituary.
January 1, 1942 - May 22, 2005 

Nan was from Columbus, Mississippi, and joined our class in her junior year.  She was a member of the Instrumental Club and the Beta Club, which was in it's first year at PHS.  Members were chosen based on their intelligence, character, achievements, and attitude. Her "Last Will & Testament" bequest:  "I, Nan Frashuer, being of sound mind and body, bequeath to all the future composition students a student's best friend, Miss Schimmel."  Nan joined the Air Force shortly after graduation, completing an initial course at Lackland AFB, Texas, and then the technical training course for data processing machine operator at Sheppard AFB, Texas. She married twice, once in 1966 and again in 1970.  She was the owner of St. John's Business Services in Gulf Shores, AL.  There was no obituary published.  
November 11, 1942 - September 2, 1999
In a prescient nod to her future profession, Betty Gaffney's PHS clubs were Future Nurses and Junior Red Cross.  Betty graduated from Pensacola Junior College in 1963, and continued her education to earn her LPN degree.  Go HERE to read Betty's obituary and tribute.
December 26, 1942 - April 15, 2018

Sue was in the senior Future Nurses Club. Her bequest in our senior "Last Will & Testament" was: "I, being of sound mind, do hereby bequeath my ability to forget important things to Joyce Davis." Sue was with us through all three years at PHS. In our 45th Class Reunion booklet in 2005, Sue wrote: "I am a retired lab tech with two great kids and two beautiful grandkids who, by the way, are my heart.  I have been divorced many, many years.  I love gardening, reading and I have several poems published.  All in all, I have a very blessed life."   Go HERE to view Sue's obituary.    
April 17, 1942 - May 25, 2022
Joe's club affiliations were Florida History, Hi-Y, Talent Club, and Science Club.  He was a member of the Tiger Football Team during Sophomore and Junior years. In his senior Last Will & Testament, Joe wrote:  I, Joseph Robert Gilchrist, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will my outstanding Latin translations to anyone fortunate enough to get "Thumps" Monroe." Joe graduated from Auburn University in 1965 and returned to PHS in 1965-66 to teach chemistry.  He said that "Jimmy Bachus and I were the entire Chemistry Department at PHS."  He also taught school in Los Angeles.  In 1978, Joe purchased the Flora-Bama in Perdido Key, and many of us have memories of the fun times spent there during some of our class reunions.  In our 50th Reunion booklet, Joe wrote the following: "I am fortunate to be able to meet so many interesting people through the Flora Bama.  I have also been lucky enough to spend some time in New York after 9/11/01, encouraging people from our area to go there and support New Yorkers as they worked their way back from their attacks.  I was invited to march with "New York's Finest" on St. Patrick's Day (twice) and was proud to help.  Also, I was able to help support New Orleans and Mississippi in their efforts after Katrina.  The Flora Bama has been a leader in supporting individuals and organizations that contribute to the well being of our entire area."  Joe was Founder and President of the Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival and opened up a new establishment in 2015, The New Malibu Lounge Market and Grill on Gulf Beach Highway in Pensacola.  In December 2014,  it was announced that the Alabama and Florida Governors were going to honor Joe.  This was featured on our Announcements Page and included a photograph of Joe and his daughter Marjorie.  You can go to that section to read all about it, just page down to the entry for December 2014.  After Joe's passing, numerous articles were published honoring him.  Click below for access to just a few of them:


December 2, 1970
Linda was a member of Future Nurses and Library Club.  She married just out of high school, on September 16, 1960, and moved with her husband to Minneapolis.  She passed away in 1970, at the age of 28.  Go HERE to read Linda's obituary.
Gloria was in the Canter Club, Fashions & Modeling, Speaker's Bureau, Y-Teens, Future Homemakers, and she sang in the Glee Club for her three years at PHS.  She bequeathed to Barbara Kohla her "ability to get to school on time and my good excuses for all the times I was late."  Gloria married Ensign John Gavin Cook in 1961 in New Jersey.  Her mother and stepfather, Dr. and Mrs. L. S. Porter, moved to Oneonta, AL where her 16 year old brother, Bill Porter, was killed in a motorcyle accident in 1969, and Gloria was living in Montgomery, AL at that time.   We have not been able to obtain a copy of her obituary.  Go HERE to see her wedding announcement from the Pensacola News Journal in 1961.
November 18, 1942 - February 17, 2020

Gail was a member of the Annona Advertising Staff, Art Club, International Relations, Psychology, Science Club, Tiger's Tale Staff, Student Council, and Future Nurses (which she fulfilled eventually when she became a nurse and practiced at Baptist Hospital in Pensacola.)  Gail suffered for over fourteen years with a crippling disease, MDS (Mylodysplastic Syndrome) a bone marrow disease, and she required blood transfusions almost once a week.  Please go HERE to read Gail's obituary.

January 8, 1942 - October 8, 2001

Buddy was a member of the Speaker's Bureau and the Junior Navy League.  He enlisted in the service (branch unknown) on February 14, 1961, and was released on August 31, 1984, according to the Department of Veteran Affairs Death File.  His death notice published in the Pensacola News, April 25, 1983, states: "Vernon O'Neal Gresham, 67, 516 Selina St., a retired steamfitter, died Saturday, April 23.  Survivors include wife, Helen; daughters, Rebecca Bender and Darlene Waddell; and sons, Vernon and Charles. McNeil-Keys Funeral Home."  No further information has been discovered.
October 13, 1942 - February 13, 2003
Mike's club membership reflected his love of music: Instrumental Club, Music Appreciation, Talent Club. He played saxophone in the Concert Band and the Dance Band, and he spent many hours "hanging out" at Trader Jon's playing his sax.  Maybe he was having a bad day when making his bequest in the senior "Last Will & Testament."  I, Michael Hansen, do hereby bequeath NOTHING.
Under the Occupation heading in the 40th Reunion Booklet, he wrote: Musician, and then added these remarks,   "Spent 20 years as a social worker ("paper pusher") with the State of Florida.  I have spent many years playing music with some famous groups of years past: e.g. Les & Larry Elgart, Woody Herman, Chris Fiorito, Jimmy Dorsey, Tom Bruner and the "Reboppin Swingdaddies"...performing at the Glasgow Comedy Theatre in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee." 

Go HERE for Mike's obituary. 
November 27, 1942 - November 8, 1994

Ed Harper didn't leave much of a footprint during his three years at PHS.  The only club membership appears to be Florida History and he did not leave a bequest in the Senior "Last Will and Testament."  He did, however, make a lasting contribution to the City of Pensacola.  Ed was the "Harper" in Harper-Morris Memorial Chapel.   He was a freshman at Pensacola Junior College 1960-61.  Go HERE  to read Ed's obituary.

September 11, 2014

Bob was Treasurer of Christian Youth Club, and was a member of Florida History, Science Club and Speaker's Bureau. He was a freshman at Pensacola Junior College 1960-61. Bob and his wife, Reba, worked together in a construction company in Warrenton, Virginia.  They had two children (Robin & Ryan) and one grandaughter, Amber. Over the years they worked jointly with the US Congress and the Department of Justice to construct laboratories for local government agencies to do DNA and forensic testing. Bob passed away on September 11, 2014, at the age of 72 from Alzheimer's Disease.  
October 21, 1942 - June 16, 1993

Bill Harrell was a member of Alpha Theta Hi-Y, Track Team and Tumbling Club.  We lost track of Bill after graduation.  He died at age 50 in Okaloosa County, Florida.  There was no obituary published.
March 20, 1942 - May 26, 1970

Elizabeth Harrell's bequest in our Senior "Last Will & Testament":  I, Elizabeth Harrell, do hereby bequeath my good grades (?) to any poor soul who takes chemistry, geometry, Latin II, Biology II, English IV-C and Psychology in his senior year."  It's obvious she didn't have a lot of free time for club activities.  Her only membership in senior year was Florida History.  She became a nurse, married a Marine, moved to California and passed away at the age of 28.  Go HERE to view her obituary and a newspaper clipping of her wedding in Pensacola in 1966.

October 18, 1942 - December 21, 1990

George was a member of Jr. Civitans, Annona Advertising Staff, Chess Club, Math Club, Florida History and Honor Society.  His bequest in the "Last Will & Testament" in his senior year was typical George:  "I, George Harrington, leave my feelings about the fence straddling society influenced school newspaper to anyone who is able to tolerate it on democratic principles."  An editor's note appended it:( "Didn't think we'd put it in, did you George?")  George graduated from Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina.  He died at the age of 48. Click HERE to read his obituary.

February 12, 1942 - October 24, 2020
Lamar was a member of Hi-Y and Stamp Club.  In his senior Last Will and Testament he bequeathed "my good times at PHS to Sidney Dean."  Following his graduation from PHS, he enlisted in the US Army in September of 1960.  He spent 12 years in Germany, where he met his wife, Erika, and after retiring from the Army in 1982, he became the General Manager and Vice President of a Land Survey and Mapping company in Pensacola.  Retiring again in 2007, he and his wife enjoyed life with his children, Stephen and Tina Marie, and their grandchildren, Cole and Hailey.  Lamar said they had a great life together and had enjoyed traveling around the U. S. and Europe. In our 50th Reunion booklet, Lamar wrote: "Love fishing, working in the yard, and of course, grandkids."   Their son, Stephen, passed away unexpectedly in August, 2015, at the age of 49.  Go HERE for Lamar's obituary, and HERE to view a recent photo of Lamar and Erika.

February 20, 1942 - July 18, 2020

Frederica was very involved with music during her three years at PHS.  She played the clarinet in both the Fighting Tigers Marching Band and the PHS Concert Band, and was a Student Band Leader for her junior and senior years. She was in the Instrumental Club, Y-Teens (Treasurer 1 & 2 and President 3), and was also an Office Assistant in her junior year.  In our senior Last Will & Testament, she bequeathed "my position as  band manager to Karen Jo Mason.  Good Luck."  Frederica was involved in education her entire adult life and was listed in the Who's Who of American Teachers in 1999 and 2005.  Go HERE to read more about her remarkable life, and HERE for Frederica's entry in our 50th Reunion booklet.   
August 9, 1941 - April 10, 1999
Robert Hay's footprint on our senior class archives is rather small. Other than his graduation photograph, his "Last Will & Testament" bequest is all that was found: "I, Robert Hay, do hereby bequeath my good times in Coach Shires' first period world geography glass to anybody who can get away with it."   Robert enlisted in the US Army on August 11, 1961 and served in Vietnam.  He was released in 1964 and started his business, R & R Delivery Service, in 1968.  Go HERE to view his obituary.
December 29, 1983

Linda was a member of Annona Circulation Staff, Chic & Charming, Scribblers, and Y-Teens. In our senior "Last Will & Testament," she bequeathed "to Betty Chapman, my place in second year typing."  Linda was a freshman at Pensacola Junior  College 1960-61.  Go HERE to read Linda's obituary. 
July 20, 1942 - February 8, 2023

Ashton was a member of the PHS Golf Team during his freshman, sophomore and senior years.  He was President of the Florida History Club his Junior and Senior years.  He attended Pensacola Junior College following his graduation from PHS.  In his senior Last Will and Testament, he bequeathed his "ability to get along with Mr. Newcombe to Lonnie Gilmore".  Ashton met his wife of 61 years, Sandy McLeod Hayward (Class of '60) while both were students at Pensacola High School.  Go HERE for Ashton's obituary and to read more about his life.
June 13, 1942 - December 7, 1970

Karen was a member of Art Club, Announcing Staff, Dramatics Club, Flowers, Inc., Spanish Club, and Glee Club. She performed in the Christmas Choir and the "Voices" and appeared in the Chorus production of Show Boat our junior year.  Karen was a memorable Annie Oakley in the matinee cast of Annie Get Your Gun, and in a nod to that performance, she bequeathed "my dirty old boots and rusty squirrel gun to Mr. Hester and all his future cowboys."  Sadly, Karen was killed in an automobile accident at the age of 28.  Go HERE to read Karen's obituary including a note from Karen's daughter and more about her accident.
December 31, 2011
Ecey's club memberships at PHS were varied:  Hi-Y (Sgt.-at-Arms), Science Club (Treasurer), Jazz Club, Varsity Club, Beta Club.  Ecey played on the PHS Tiger Football team for all three years.  In the "Last Will & Testament," he bequeathed his "desk in Chemistry II to any poor unfortunate soul who has the nerve to request another year of torture by Mr. Butler."  As it turned out, Mr. Butler's torture must have paid off because Ecey got a PhD in Chemistry from Clemson and taught Chemistry at the University of South Carolina.  Go HERE to read Ecey's obituary.      
September 17, 1942 - March 1, 2007

Madeline joined our class in her junior year.  Her clubs were Chic & Charming, Fashion & Modeling, and the business training clubs DCT & DE.  Her bequest in our "Last Will & Testament" was to leave to Roger Adams "all the good times on the way to school."  Eventually she moved to Ganado, Texas, where she worked as a Real Estate agent.  Go HERE to view the notice of her death, which featured her class photograph from the PHS 1959 Annona. 
December 31, 1942 - October 13, 1999

Susan was in the Glee Club for all three years of high school and had starring roles in all three chorus productions, the most memorable one in her senior year starring as Annie Oakley in "Annie Get Your Gun." She played Bloody Mary in South Pacific, and Ellie in Show Boat. In addition to Glee Club, she was in Voices for three years, the Tour Choir, Annona Circulation Staff and the Announcing Staff, and the Speaker's Bureau.  She was voted Most Talented in Who's Who.  Her "Last Will & Testament" bequest was rather lengthy: "I, Susan Hill, do bequeath to Mr. Hester one well worn soprano and/or bass voice, one slightly used gun, and a piece of cherry pie.  To Nancy Wamble I leave my seat at the top in fifth period.  To all lucky chorus members remaining, I leave my love and devotion to a wonderful friend and teacher and his great organization."  Susan married Farrell Case in 1978 and they had one daughter, Millie.  She was a retired real estate agent,  and died at Baptist Hospital in Louisville, KY at age 56. There was no obituary.    
October 26, 1942 - September 4, 2011

Virginia's clubs included Christian Youth, Future Airline Hostesses, Future Nurses, and World Wide Friendship.  She was divorced from Charles Bookout (Class of '60).  They had four sons together.  She later married again, but her husband passed away in 2008.  In our 50th Reunion Class Booklet, she wrote: "Love traveling to Mexico.  Was personnel on the Lexington Aircraft Carrier before she was hauled off.  I have been widowed for three years and am looking for a companion to go to Alaska and cross over to Canada."  We hope she found someone and made the trip.  Go HERE to read her obituary.  
April 28, 1941 - April 12, 2015

Robert Holifield is almost a blank slate as far as our class goes.  There is no trace of him in our sophomore class but he was in our junior class 1958-59.  His photograph appears in our Senior Annona but with no mention of any clubs or activities he was associated with, and even though his photograph in the Annona quite clearly shows him in his graduation gown, he was not listed in the Commencement program when we graduated in June; however, the senior photos were taken very early in our senior year.  He joined the US Air Force shortly after graduation and completed his basic training at Lackland on February 8, 1961.  In August 1962, Airman 2C returned to Pensacola to visit his family after which he was to return to France to complete his tour of duty, but it appears that he also was stationed in Vietnam.  He was living in Alabaster, AL at the time of his death, and he is buried at Bayview Memorial Park.  There was no obituary published.  Go HERE to see information that was gathered during our search for clues.
November 10, 1942 - June 9, 2009

Betty Jo competed in Intramurals.  Her "Last Will & Testament," was to "bequeath my great ability to study during home-room period to Ronnie Etheridge."  We lost touch with Betty Jo after high school.  She passed away in Kernersville, North Carolina, on June 9, 2009.  We have been unable to locate her obituary.
March 14, 2019

Betty Jo was part of the Annona Circilation Staff, Chic & Charming, Y-Teens, and the Art Club.  Later in life she continued to enjoy arts and crafts and took pottery classes at PJC.  She said that her greatest accomplishment in life was surviving the mortgage loan business.  She was a retired loan processor. She lived with her husband, Jerry, who retired from his job with the City of Gulf Breeze.  They had five children and eight grandchildren.  Betty Jo was a cousin of classmate, Tommy Harrell.  There was no obituary.
July 7, 1942 - February 1, 2014

Norman was not affiliated with any clubs during his time at PHS.  His entry in our "Last Will & Testament" was to "bequeath my seat in Mr. Skinner's 6th period Florida History Class to any scholar who is wise enough to find room number nine."  Go HERE to read Norman's obituary.
February 20, 1942 - July 10, 2013

Marion's clubs in school reflected her life after graduation: Future Homemakers, Christian Youth, and Bible Study. She noted in her comment section of our 50th Reunion Booklet, "My family and Church Family, and my God are most important to me.  God first, with family, and then other things." She was a freshman at PJC 1960-61. Marion retired from teaching, grades 3, 4, and 5.  She and her husband, Carlton, lived in Bonifay, Florida, and had three children, six grandchildren, and one great grandchild.  Click HERE to read Marion's obituary.
1942 - 2021

Elton was on the Tennis Team his junior year and was member of Jaybees for all three years and Vice President his senior year. In his senior Last Will and Testament, he left "Miss Hussey to all future seniors who have more than enough credits to graduate.  I do bequeath, also, the time between classes for all who wish to loiter in the halls."   Following graduation from PHS, he was a student at Pensacola Junior College. Go HERE for a tribute to Elton which was contributed by two of his PHS classmates.
January 4, 1942 - May 4, 1989
To say we know almost nothing about Franklin Churchill Johnson's time at PHS would not be an exaggeration.  He does not appear in our sophomore, junior, or senior Annonas but he did have a bequest in the senior "Last Will & Testament," leaving his "place in Miss Raborn's 6th period English class to Harold Knowles and hope he will enjoy it as much as I have (?)."  His name appeared on the Commencement Program at our graduation in June so he must have walked down the aisle to get his diploma with the rest of our class. He joined the Air Force right after graduation, in July 1960.  In 1962 he was  stationed in Okinawa and he later served a tour of duty in Vietnam.  He received an Air Force commendation medal and the Vietnam Service Medal, and  retired from the Air Force in August 1981, as a Master Sergeant. He is buried at Barancas National Cemetery.  Go HERE for his obituary.
March 1, 1943 - July 12, 2018

The list of clubs that Trish  belonged during her three years of high school is so long it's amazing she had time to study, but since one of them was the National Honor Society, it's obvious she did.  In just her senior year alone she was a member of the Announcing Staff, Girl's Sports Club, Glee Club, Intramurals, Talent Club, and Tiger's Tale Staff.  In her "Last Will & Testament" bequest, she left to "any lucky junior the great time of my senior year."  Go HERE  to read about her life after graduation. 

December 5, 1942 - December 22, 2005

Edward was in Scribbers his junior and senior year.  He bequeathed "my love for Science Fiction to all S-F fans," in our senior "Last Will & Testament."   He was in the freshman class at Pensacola Junior College 1960-61.  He  passed away in Pensacola, less than three weeks after his 63rd birthday.  A death notice was published in the News Journal. There was no obituary.   
October 29, 1942 - January 1, 1994

Julian was a member of Christian Youth, Instrumental Club, Vice President of Square Dance Club, and was Student Band Leader.  He was a freshman at Pensacola Junior College 1960-61, and was a cousin of classmate Lynda Zirkelbach Sims. Click HERE to read his obituary. 
June 15, 1942 - August 28, 1963

Judy was with our class in our sophomore and senior years.  In her junior year, she attended Escambia High School.  Her clubs at PHS were Christian Youth, Future Airline Hostesses, and Bowling.  At Escambia High, she was in Future Nurses.  Sadly Judy's life was brief.  She was only 21 years old when she died.  Go HERE to read her obituary.
January 13, 1942 - September 21, 2006
Larry Kennedy passed away from complications of ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) on September 21, 2006.  Larry did not graduate with us but he was a classmate of ours during our sophomore year.  He transferred to Escambia High School for his junior and senior years. The above photograph was taken from the 1960 Escambia High yearbook.  At Escambia, Larry was in the Dramatics Club, the football team, and Who's Who (Go HERE).   To read more about Larry's life after high school and to view his obituary, go HERE.
June 24, 2019

There's not much to tell about Bill's three years at PHS.  He was in the Photography Club sophomore year. He was the brother of Anne Kennedy (PHS '59), and a "collector of the unusual and interesting, historical and biological scholar, garage sale enthusiast and magnanimous man."  He donated his body to the Florida State University Medical School, and he requested a fish fry to celebrate his life here on earth.  After Bill's death, a former associate of his wrote this message to Bill's wife, Linda: "I worked with Bill at the Probation Office in the 1980's.  He was such a nice man.  I remember he used to ride his motorcycle to work and pick up metal pieces on the road.  We used to laugh about his findings." You can read Bill's obituary HERE.   
January 17, 1941 - May 1, 2020

In school Don was a member of Christian Youth, DCT & DE, Hi-Y, and Junior Civitans. He joined the freshman class at PJC 1960-61. Don's entry in the 55th Class Reunion Booklet in 2005 reads: "I have been singing in the Church Choir for 15 years.  I cherish spending time with my family (nieces and nephews). I enjoy having lunch with R.O.M.E.O's on Thursdays.  I love to cook.  I like to take walks for exercise. I take great pleasure in dancing.  I still love to travel. I still am interested in politics and world affairs.  At this time I find life is good.  On my bucket list: I would like to take trips to the United Kingdom - England, Scotland and Ireland and get a London tailer-made suit.  I sky dive for excitement.  Please click HERE to read the sweet notice from Don's cherished nieces and nephews that appeared in the Pensacola News Journal after his passing.
June 28, 1942 - October 18, 2015

Joyce King was a member of Chic & Charming, Fashions & Modeling (secretary), Y-Teens (treasurer), Intramurals, and Student Council.  Her photograph was next to Jim King's in our senior Annona and they were together until Joyce's death in 2015.  Joyce wrote this in our 50th Reunion booklet: " Life is good and my grandchildren are most special to me.  After graduating from college (BS, Florida State), Jim and I were married.  Following various Navy duty stations, including the Philippines, we settled with our family in Agoura Hills, California (north of Los Angeles), from where the children finished high school and college.  We moved to Austin in 1998.  I enjoy playing bridge with several groups and fill-in with beading, knitting and civic activities."  Go HERE to read Joyce's obituary.  
September 25, 1942 - July 9, 2012

Joyce Ann's club memberships were Bowling Club, Chic & Charming, and Y-Teens.  She also was a Hall Monitor senior year and was a member of Tiger Trans Club (transferred from another county or state to PHS).  She passed away in Jay, Florida, age 69, on July 9, 2012.  She had resided in Jay since 1968.  She was a loving wife, mother, grandmother and sister.  She was preceded in death by her parents, Henry and Eva Knotts, two sisters Elaine Knotts and Ruth Tedder.  She was survived by her husband of 52 years, Paul Ashcraft; son, Jeffrey (Emerald) Ashcraft; brothers, Gene (Shelby) Knotts and Alvin Knotts; grandchildren, Libby, Ian and Ethan Ashcraft, and many nieces, nephews and other relatives.  
December 23, 1942 - July 11, 2014 

Sherry was Salutatorian of our graduating class. Most of her clubs in high school reflected the path she later chose in life:  Literary Staff, Future Teachers, Scribblers, Quill and Scroll.  Sherry became an English teacher.  She passed away from breast cancer having been diagnosed in 2007, the same year her husband passed away from ALS.  Please go HERE to read Sherry's obituary and then continue on down the page to read her comments which were taken from our 50th Reunion Booklet.  
September 11, 1942 - April 22, 2005

Jim was a member of Art Club, Future Doctors, and Spanish Club.  His bequest in our "Last Will & Testament," was to "leave my Spanish book with Miss Partridge." His Spanish may have benefitted him later in life when he moved west to New Mexico.  Jim entered the freshman class at PJC in 1960, and later attended Florida State, graduating in 1965.  Go HERE to read more about Jim's accomplishments as an educator and historian.
April 27, 1942 - July 20, 2006

David Lee was in the Science Club and Florida History but most of all David was a golfer.  He was on the Golf Team all three years of high school and won a Top Four Medal sophomore year.  His "Last Will & Testament" bequest was "to leave my luck in golf to Jack Behr."  David lost his fight with Cancer at age 64.  To find out more about his life go HERE.
June 25, 1942 - August 31, 2018

Barbara's club memberships were Bowling, Christian Youth, Future Business Leaders, and Future Nurses.  Her bequest in the senior "Last Will & Testament" was to "leave all undeserving future sophomores the genuine, priceless, shrunken head hanging over Mr. Skinner's desk in room 9."  She was a retired school secretary for Escambia County.  Go HERE to read about her many interests later in life which she shared in our 55th Reunion Booklet, and go HERE to read her detailed obituary.
July 12, 1942 - December 7, 1995
Marie's club affliations were Chic & Charming, World Wide Friendship, and Future Nurses.  In her senior "Last Will & Testament,"  she bequeathed to Paulette "Pedro" Ball, her "unshakable ability of always coming late to school in the morning."  Marie married Bobby Anglin, raised her family in Cantonment, and worked as a Government Contracting Representive.  Marie passed away from cancer in 1995.  Go HERE to read her obituary.
October 28, 1941 - April 15, 2018

Sara was with our class only in our sophomore year, transferring to Escambia High School for her junior and senior years.  The photograph was from the 1960 Escambia High yearbook.  Her club memberships were Entre Amis, Spanish Club, Y-Teens, and Dramatics Club.  She was in the Who's Who her senior year (go HERE). Sara continued to keep in touch with her PHS friends, especially those who were with her in Warrington Jr High.  Sara passed away in 2018, having battled two forms of cancer over several years.  Go HERE to read Sara's obituary.
August 22, 1942 - March 22, 2021

Susan was a member of the Glee Club and Tour Choir, also Bible Study, Christian Youth, and Y-Teens.  In her senior Last Will & Testament, she bequeathed "all my good times in the PHS Tour Choir to the future second sopranos.  I also leave to Mr. Hester - a large piece of cherry pie."  Sue was a retired school teacher, married to Cecil Murphy, a cattle farmer and retired Vocational Agri-Business Teacher.  They lived in Monroeville. AL, where they raised their two sons, one year apart in age, and were the proud grandparents of six grandchildren.  In our 50th Reunion booklet in 2010, Sue wrote: "Since retiring from teaching school (32 years) I enjoy spending time with all the grandchildren.  Morgan plays football at Huntington College (freshman) so we stay busy going to his football games.   Mallorie and Micah are cheerleaders and are active in competitive cheer competitions so we enjoy going to watch them.  Logan plays football and baseball in high school.  Matt works offshore on an oil rig, and Wes is a freshman at Faulker.  They really keep us busy, but we enjoy every minute we spend with them!  In my "spare" time I enjoy reading, cooking, working in the yard and church activities.  My husband and I often ride 4-wheelers checking his cattle and horses."  Susan suffered from Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, an uncommon brain disorder that causes serious problems with walking, balance, eye movements and swallowing, which results in deterioration of cells in areas of the brain that control body movement, coordination, thinking and other functions.  Go HERE for her obituary.   
November 6, 1995

Dewey Lowery was with our class all three years of high school but he did not belong to any clubs and he did not make a bequest in our senior "Last Will & Testatment."  His dad died when Dewey was four years old.  He had nine siblings, was married three times and died at the age of 53.  Go HERE to read his obituary.
July 6, 1942 - November 20, 2003

Nancy's three years of varied club activities at PHS take up nearly an entire column in the yearbook:  Chic & Charming, Christian Youth (Chaplin), Flowers, Inc., Future Homemakers of America, (Secretary), Future Airline Hostesses.  After graduation, she attended PJC and served in the U. S. Army Reserve.  Nancy died of Alzheimer's disease at age 61.  Go HERE to read her obituary.

April 23, 1941 - October 16, 2003
Victor was with our class through sophomore and junior years.  The photo is from our 1959 Annona.  Victor was a retired Pensacola firefighter and passed away from cancer at the age of 62. Go HERE to read Victor's obituary, a loving tribute from his family.
November 14, 2017

Ron was a member of the National Honor Society in his senior year and the Science Club during his sophomore, junior and senior years at PHS.  Ron served as chief of surgery at Santa Rosa Medical Center.  To learn more about Ron's life and career, go HERE.  
June 2, 1942 - September 5, 2022

Randy joined our class in his junior year.  His sophomore year was spent at Stamford High School in Stamford, CT. where he was a member of the football team, the Boys' Sports Club, the French Club, and Intramurals.  At PHS Randy was a member of the Bowling Club, the French Club and the Tumbling Club.  In his senior Last Will & Testament, Randy left "Coach Simpson and his tumbling team with many regrets." Following graduation, Randy attended Pensacola Junior College and served in the United States Marine Corps from 1962 to 1965.  Randy and his wife Suzy were married for 46 years and were the pround parents of four children, grandparents of  eight and great-grandparents of three.  Go HERE for Randy's obituary.
May 22, 1942 - April 25, 2018

Billie was with our class our sophomore and junior years.  She and Art Hufford worked together at Monsanto and Art was able to persuade her to assist him in typing some of our class reunion materials for the class booklets.  Both she and her husband, John, worked at Monsanto.  John passed away in 2007.  Go HERE for Billie's obituary.
January 4, 1943 - December 14, 2016
Dorothy was with our class throughout our three years at PHS.  She was in the Bowling Club, Chic & Charming, and Flowers, Inc.  In her bequest for the senior "Last Will & Testament," she left "all my worn out books to next years seniors."  Dorothy passed away at age 73 in Crestview, Florida, and is buried in Bayview Memorial Park.  There was no obituary. 
October 17, 1942 - December 29, 2012

Bill McAdam was in the Aviation Club, Hi-Y, Tiger's Tale staff, and Junior Civitans.  In the senior "Last Will & Testament,"  Willie D. McAdam bequeathed "my well-worn, weather-beaten brief case to any sophomore who thinks he can carry it for three or more years."  Bill married Barbara Carnley in 1964 (go HERE), but the marriage ended in divorce.  Bill was a computer consultant.  When asked to describe his interests,  his comment in our reunion booklet was: "computers from the beginning to the end (RAMAC, mainframes, micros, minis, PC's, servers) - you name it!"  He was semi-retired, working part-time as a computer consultant.  His hobbies were duck and dove hunting, fishing, and Cowboy Action Shooting - his handle was Fleetwood Mac.   Go HERE for Bill's obituary.
January 8, 1942 - August 1, 2016

Margaret was in the Y-Teens Club, Future Airline Hostesses, Christian Youth, and the Spanish Club.  In our senior "Last Will & Testament," she bequeathed her "seat in Spanish II to any Spanish student that wants it."  Margaret joined the freshman class at Pensacola Junior College" in September 1960.  She and her husband Bruce lived in Axis, Alabama.  Click HERE for her obituary.
April 27,1943 - November 1, 2011

Charles joined our class in our senior year.  He didn't belong to any school organizations during that time. He was a freshman at PJC 1960-61.  Funeral arrangements for Charles Braxton McKinnon III were held in Milton, Florida, under the direction of the National Cremation and Burial Society, on November 1st, 2011. No further information is available and no obituary was published.

September 7, 1942 - May 23, 2003

Eva's clubs in high school were Chic & Charming, Christian Youth, and the occupational training clubs of D.C.T. & D. E.  Her bequest in our "Last Will & Testatment" was to leave to Susan Keller "our laughing good times in Home Ec."   Eva's husband, Dan, passed away in 1992 at age 50, and Eva died 10 years later following a fatal illness. Go HERE for Eva's obituary.

October 25, 1942 - November 22, 2019
Anne was a member of the Announcing Staff, the Devotion Committee, Fashions & Modeling, and Future Nurses.  In our "Last Will & Testament," Anne bequeathed "all the joys and happiness I have had in high school to my dear sister, in hopes that she will get everything I got from high school and more."  After graduation,  Anne entered Pensacola Junior College.  She was a retired medical secretary.  Ann and her husband, Van, lived in Buford, Georgia.  She enjoyed dancing, reading, and gardening.  Click HERE for her obituary. 
May 30, 2019

Marilyn's club interests were many and varied:  Chic & Charming, Christian Youth, Future Airline Hostesses, Future Nurses, Spanish Club, Square Dance.  She also sang in the Glee Club all three years.   Marilyn married Harris Tillman just a few months following graduation, in September 1960.  They had two children, Tracey and Keith, who blessed their family with three grandchildren.  Go HERE for Marilyn's obituary. 
June 28, 1942 - October 9, 1999

Norma was voted Most Athletic in our Who's Who and was featured with Larry Rawson in the 1960 ANNONA.  During her time at PHS, she was Vice President of the French Club, President of the Girl's Sports Club, was in the Music Appreciation club, Spanish Club, Y-Teens, Beta Club and participated in Intramurals all three years. In her "Last Will & Testament," she left "to Anne Traxler, the position of President of the Girls' Sports Club."  She attended FSU following graduation.  Norma was 57 years old when she passed away.  She is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in Lynn Haven, Florida.  Go HERE for Norma's obituary.
December 24, 1942 - October 6, 2013

Roland was a member of Future Doctors, Hi-Y and Junior Civitan.  He graduated from N. C. State University.  As an industrial engineer, he owned and operated Newhouse Associates, an Engineering Consulting Company, specializing in Engineering Textbooks and Periodicals on Logistics, Warehouse Maintenance and Manufacturing.  He was also a real estate agent in Athens, Georgia, where he lived with his wife, Kay.  He liked to be called "Ro."  Kay and Ro had two children, Andrea and John.  He passed away on Sunday, October 6, 2013, after a valiant fight with cancer.  A friend, Kelly McInerney, wrote this tribute to him after his passing:  "Although I did not know Roland well, he was friend from the neighborhood driveway parties, and I had a high opinion of him.  Roland was one of the few people I have met who could truly have an honest, intelligent disagreement and discuss differences of opinion with an open mind and respect for the opinions of others, and with a sincere desire to find common ground between opposing views.  Though I have not seen him in some time, I will never forget what a joy it was to talk, laugh, and even to argue with such a kind and smart person."  

Roland's wishes were to be cremated and his ashes spread at sea.  


February 23, 1942 - March 13, 2019

John Nimmer spent three years at PHS and was a member of Christian Youth Club, Science Club, SPEBSQSA (preserving Barber Shop Quartet Singing), and was on the Cross Country Track Team.  His bequest in the "Last Will & Testament," was to "Vickie Berlin, all of her lunch, of which I've been eating every day in the cafeteria."  John entered Pensacola Junior College following graduation.  He lived most of his life with his family in Alabama, and he is buried in Spring Creek Cemetery near Greenville, Alabama.  Click HERE for John's obituary.
June 1942 - July 2016

No obituary was available for Lanier Noles.  His last known residence was in Altamonte Springs, Florida.  At PHS he was a member of SPEBSQSA (The Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America).  He attended Pensacola Junior College in 1960-61, and was a retired graphic artist.    
JULY 4, 1942 - MARCH 4, 2013
Linda was a busy girl throughout her three years at PHS.  Her many activities included Christian Youth (President), Devotion Committee, Hi-Y (Sweetheart), Y-Teens, Student Council, Jazz Club, Student Band Leaders, Majorette Corps, Drum Majorette in her senior year, and one of our class chosen "Beauty."  Her "Last Will & Testament," was to "leave the honored position of Drum Majorette of the Fighting Tiger Band to the person who is lucky enough to receive this position next year.  Good luck!"  Linda was a freshman at PJC after graduation and continued her education at Mississippi Southern.  In our 50th Reunion Booklet, Linda listed her special interests as: Driving and enjoying our Corvette, babysitting grandchildren, church volunteer, genealogy, caring for Shih Tzu Wags, YMCA exercise, emailing friends and family, and traveling to far away places.  Among her accomplishments: Staying healthy enough to join my classmates for our 50th Reunion.  (She made it!  Click HERE for the evidence) and go HERE to read more about Linda's amazing life. 
April 4, 1942 - November 21, 2019

John Olsen's bequest in our senior "Last Will & Testament," would not have hinted at the success he would have in his life.  He bequeathed "to any junior my ability to graduate by the skin of my teeth."  On our class website prior to our 50th reunion, John wrote: "After graduation I went to PJC for two years,  Kansas City Art Institute for three years, married Jane Horn (EHS '60) from Pensacola, then off to Tulane for two years and then back to PJC to teach for ten years. Moved around a bit. Started a sculpture studio in Houston for a year then moved back to Pensacola and have been here ever since. I teach Humanities Art part-time at PJC and still make sculpture although I am slowing down a bit. My main hobby is birds and butterflies. Try to keep my yard as natural as possible to give them habitat. We attended the 25th reunion and are expecting this one to be a lot of fun. See you there." John and Jane had three children, and four adored grandchildren.  John's legacy can still be seen across Pensacola in his signature artwork in public spaces.  One has been named the "#1 Landmark of Pensacola.  To read a lot more about John's life and work , click HERE
 November 18, 1942 -  March 22, 2021

Mary transferred to PHS from Tate High School in her junior year.  At Tate, she was Treasurer of Future Nurses, Vice President of the Library Club, and a member of Christian Youth.  At PHS, she also participated in the Future Nurses and Christian Youth clubs and was a member of the Girl's Athletic Association.  In her senior Last Will and Testament, she left to "Randal Parsons, my ability to make straight "A's," which I never did.  Good Luck, Sophomore."  From Mary in our 50th Reunion Booklet:  "I was a late bloomer.  Graduated from UWF the year Minette (daughter) graduated from Tate High School.  Graduated with a double major in accounting and a minor in computers.  Worked at NAS Pensacola for 4 years, and Saufley Field for 6 years; was in a reduction of force, ended up in Montgomery, AL with the Air Force for 9 years and then back to Saufley Field where I retired.  The time I spent with the Navy and the Air Force sent me to some interesting places.  I have been to Germany twice, Japan, Hawaii and all over the States.  My hobbies include arts and crafts.  I belong to 2 Red Hat groups and Molino Homemakers.  I volunteer at Pine Meadow Elementary School.  Three of my best friends and I took at 14 day Alaska Cruise, 7 days on land 7 day cruise.  It was wonderful.  Looking forward to the reunion."   Go HERE to read Mary's obituary.
September 27, 1942 - August 10, 2002
Jerry Padgett was a busy guy during his three years at PHS. His various club memberships centered a lot around music: Glee Club (Student Director), Music Appreciation, SPEBSQSA, appeared in Show Boat, and was voted Most Valuable Chorus Member.  He was also in Bible Study Club (Chaplin), Christian Youth, and World Wide Friendship Club.  His bequest in the "Last Will & Testament," showed his comical side: "I, Jerry Padgett, do hereby leave to Mammie Knucklehead, Carie and King Roger to all sophomores and juniors in chorus who would enjoy fellowship with the chiefs of the Sioux Tribe."  Go HERE to read Jerry's obituary.
June 15, 1942 - October 16, 2016

In her senior "Last Will & Testament," Katherine left "one slightly used physics book to Martha Hutton, and my seat in Miss Shimmel's Composition Class to any lucky senior."  Katherine's clubs were Christian Youth, Square Dance, Future Doctors and Future Nurses.  She was on the Tiger's Tale Staff and the Annona Circulation Staff, and a member of the Beta Club.  She graduated from Pensacola Junior College in 1963 with a Nursing Degree and received her Registered Nurse license in 1964. The  first paragraph of her obituary read in part,  "Katherine passed peacefully in the presence of her favorite Hospice nurse, while on the telephone with her daughter Katy."  Go HERE to read the rest of her story...a very interesting life, indeed.
December 13, 1942 - January 25, 2009
Joyce Parker was in Junior Red Cross, Teens for Christ, and the occupational training clubs D.C.T & D.E.  After graduation, she married James Owen Goldsby, PFC USM, PHS Class of 1956, in June 1962.  He passed away on October 20, 2007, and Joyce followed less than two years later.  They are both buried at Barrancas National Cemetery.  Neither had an obituary published.
July 16, 1942 - December 14, 2020

Frank's club affiliations during his three years at PHS were varied:  Christian Youth, Florida History, French Club, Future Doctors, and International Relations.  His senior Last Will & Testatment would probably have been edited if published in today's student paper:  "I, Frank Parkhurst, as being in sound mind and state, leave the vivacious and comely Miss Tillery my personality since she enjoys it to such extremes."   Go HERE for Frank's obituary, and HERE to read his entry from our 50th Class Reunion Booklet. 
July 26, 1941 - December 14, 2012
Tom belonged to two clubs during his three years at PHS:  Audio Visual and Christian Youth.  The latter was significant since Tom became a Presbyterian Minister. In the senior "Last Will & Testament," he bequeathed his "well used solid geometry book to Miss Hussey, my favorite teacher."  Tom entered the freshman class at PJC following graduation, and went on to further his education at college and seminary.  In our 50th Reunion Booklet, he listed his interests at age 68 to be car buff, architectural design, electronic gadgetry of all sorts, playing the piano, teaching (at church), writing.  Go HERE to read more about his life after high school.
March 9, 1943 - March 13, 2019

Peggy's extracurricular activties during her three years at PHS take up an entire paragraph in the senior Annona.  Cheerleader all three years and Captain her senior year. President of the Honor Society senior year, Junior Civitan Mascot, Sophomore Homecoming Court, Student Council, PHS representative at Shrine Bowl Game; Who's Who, Beauty, and DAR award all in senior year, and several other high school club organizations.  Her bequest in the senior "Last Will & Testament" was "to Sue Stringfield my shot saddle oxfords for cheerleading and to Ginger McDavid my seat at the J & J Tavern."  Peggy lived a full and exciting life as is evidenced by her very special obituary.  To learn more go HERE.
February 7, 1942 - April 4, 2007

Tom was in Hi-Y all three years, CHI RHO Hi-Y in senior year. In his senior "Last Will & Testament," Tommy Peavy left "all my brains and good looks to Leslie Thompson and Joey Benson." Tom enlisted in the US Air Force in April 1961 and served through January 1966.  He married Barbara Didday in 1963, and began working with the Postal Service soon after leaving the Air Force, retiring after 37 years.  One of the Peavys' daughters, Cheryl Lynn Peavy Shirley, passed away in 2009, age 41.  She and Tom are buried in Rose Lawn Cemetery in Gulf Breeze.  Cheryl's marker reads: "While we are sad and grieve that we have lost her, we are peaceful in knowing she is safe in Dad's arms."  Go HERE to read Tom's touching obituary. 

April 13, 1942 - June 25, 2012 

Gloria Pelz was in our class for only our Senior year.  She previously attended Big Spring High School, which was probably in Texas, for sophomore and junior years.  At Big Spring she was a member of Future Homemakers,  Dramatics Club, National Thespian, Latin Club, Science Club, Junior Historians and National Honor Society.  At PHS, she joined Fashions & Modeling, Future Nurses, and was in the Honor Society. In her senior year "Last Will & Testament,"  she bequeathed "Miss Monroe to next year's Latin students." Gloria's last known address was in Pensacola.  She passed away in 2012.  There was no obituary. 

March 14, 1942 - July 16, 2005
Peggy was a member of Christian Youth, French Club, Girls Sports Club, Glee Club, Y-Teens (Chaplin 2, President 3), Intramurals, and was on  the Devotion Committee.  In her "Last Will & Testament" bequest, she left "my funny laugh to Doug Pennington."  She was a freshman at Pensacola Junior College 1960-61.  Peggy married Ronald Edgar Ashe in August 1963 and they lived in Jacksonville, Florida for many years.  Peggy is buried at Arlington Park Cemetery in Jacksonville.  There was no obituary published. 
April 20, 1942 - July 12, 1995

Carl was on the Announcing Staff, was a member of the occupational training clubs D.C.T. (Vice President 2, President 3) & D. E., and SPEBSQSA (Barber Shop Quartet Preservation).  In his senior "Last Will & Testament," he bequeathed to Larry Hargett, "the office of President of D.C.T.  May his year be as interesting and enjoyable as my year has been."  Carl joined the Air Force immediately after graduation and served from June 1960 to October 1980. He served in Vietnam. Carl passed away in Pensacola at the age of 53.  Go HERE to read his obituary.
August 4, 1942 - November 24, 2016

Marietta was a member of Christian Youth (Vice President), Flowers, Inc., Music Appreciation, Y-Teens, Intramurals, and she played clarinet in the Concert Band for all three years of high school.  In her senior "Last Will & Testament," she left "my job as Miss Long's fourth period student assistant to Linda Hetherington. Have fun!"  Marietta enjoyed a long teaching career and was an accomplished equestrian (Click HERE).  Go HERE to learn more about her life after Pensacola High School.

June 12, 1942 - July 24, 2005

Carolyn joined the Art Club and Y-Teens, played Intramurals, and was a Hall Monitor all three years.  She was a life-long resident of Pensacola.  Married and divorced twice, to Dana Cleve Kincaid, 1961-68; and David Ray Coppernoll, 1980-1998,  she passed away in Pensacola in 2005.  There was no obituary.
September 28, 1942 - October 11, 2009
Larry's bequest in our senior "Last Will & Testament," is a good indicator of his sense of humor: "I, Larry Pinkerton, do hereby bequeath the will to have fun and raise commotion in any class to any junior who can live up to it."  Larry was on the Track Team for all three years and The Fighting Tiger Football Team for two.   Go HERE for Larry's obituary.
July 2, 1941 - August 15, 1998
Bill Pooley played on the Tiger Football Team 1958-59. His senior "Last Will & Testament," was "to leave to the 4th period study hall my hopes and wishes."  Bill attended Pensacola Junior College and married Caroline Brimmer from Johnson, Tennessee, in 1962. He died on August 15, 1998, age 56, from a massive heart attack,  survived by his wife, Caroline; his sons, Todd and Tony; his daughter, Lorie; and four grandchildren: Rhett, Lorie, Thomas and Victoria.  According to Bill's son, Todd, the Pooleys lived in Pace, Florida, for many years, before moving to Lake Wales, Florida, in 1984, to be nearer to Todd and his family.  He is buried at Lake Wales Cemetery.

April 26, 1942 - August 10, 2021

In her senior Last Will & Testament, Dot bequeathed to Brenda Gulsby "my ability to eat with all cooking classes in the Home Ec room!  Good Luck!"  Dot was a member of Future Nurses in all three years of high school and in Y-Teens for two.  In our 50th Reunion booklet, she wrote that she enjoyed "Fishing, gardening, and camping - all outdoors".  Under accomplishments, she wrote: "I have worked for the same company for 39 years, purchased a house (paid for), automobile (also paid for).  I plan on retiring in a year or so.  I like working."  

On May 3, 2015, Dot lived through a parent's worse nightmare when her youngest daughter, Donna, was killed in a freak accident at her home on 17th Avenue in Pensacola.  The family had just left after a birthday party that Donna had given for Dot.  A truck sped in from 17th Avenue, crossing the porch and entering into her living room where Donna and her husband were sitting on the couch.  Donna was struck by the speeding truck that crushed her into a wall.  Her husband wasn't injured.  It took several hours into the night for the scene to be cleared.  Click HERE for the Pensacola News Journal article on the accident.

Go HERE for Dot's obituary. 

Jan 5, 1942 – April 23, 2014

Frankie's three years at PHS were packed full of activities.  Her club memberships included Chic & Charming, Fashions & Modeling, Future Airline Hostesses, Spanish Club and Talent Club.  In addition, she was in  the Maroon and White Court, Student Council, Glee Club Voices, voted senior Beauty, and was one of the lead performers in the Chorus production of Annie Get Your Gun.   Frankie suffered from a rare form of Alzheimers Disease for many years.  Go HERE to read more about her life after high school.
July 24, 1942 - June 3, 2015

Eva was a member of Christian Youth, Future Airlines Hostesses, Future Nurses, Bowling Club and Photography Club.  In her "Last Will & Testament," she bequeathed "to Joy Davis, my dirty gym suit and my ability to play basketball on the gym floor."  No obituary could be located for Eva.  She lived in Las Vegas, NV, and was a mother to three children, a grandmother to five, and a great-grandmother to three.  She wrote the following in 2010 for our 50th Reunion booklet:  "My favorite hobby would be spending time with my great-grandchildren, but they all live in England.  Fortunately, I still have two lovely daughters and two granddaughters to pal around with in Vegas.  I love the stage shows, especially the older ones.  I love to travel and have been to England twice.  We just got back from the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, NM...what a beautiful sight.  We have traveled nearly every road in California...we just jump in the car or van and head north from the Anaheim area.  Sue Jowers (Gates) and I spent about 5 days viewing the Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion.  It was such a fun trip.  We even met a neighbor of Sue's while we were in Zion.  Back to Vegas, rest for a while and head to California for Universal Studios and Disneyland.  Sure not the same when you can't ride the rides due to aches and pains.  Most of my career I have been involved in Real Estate...sales, property management, and accounting.  I still work part time for a dear friend as a Property Manager.  I am looking forward to the 50th Reunion - not that I will recognize anyone!"  
January 2, 1942 - December 11, 2019

Broward joined our class in our junior year.  He ran on the Cross Country Track Team his junior and senior years.  He was a retired A/C and Heating Technician.  He lived in Tallahassee and had four children, four grandchildren, and 3 Great Grandchildren.  He enjoyed hunting and fishing and working in his yard planting flowers and trees.  He wrote that he had a "big garden planted" and had a '67 Chevelle which he bought new and spent lots of time working on it so it still looked like new.   Go HERE to read Broward's obituary, sent to us by his son Bo.

November 10, 1942 - April 21, 1991
Pat was always athletic in school which was reflected in her choice of clubs:  Bowling Club, Girl's Sports Club, and Girl's Athletic Association, in addition to Scribblers and Teens for Christ. The Sports  Club was composed only of senior girls  who maintained a good scholastic average.  Their main project was being squad leaders in P. E. classes and some worked as "keepers of the equipment."  In her senior "Last Will & Testament,"  Pat bequeathed "my place in the equipment room to the person who accepts the job from Miss Holland."  Pat relocated to Evansville, Indiana, where she had her own consulting business, Rand, Inc.  She died of breast cancer in 1991 and is buried in Evansville.  Go HERE to view her obituary.
April 6, 1942 - March 3, 2014

Larry Rawson was our Senior Class President, voted Most Athletic in Who's Who, member of Christian Youth, Key Club (Chaplin), and Varsity Club.  He earned his third letter as Fullback on the undefeated Fighting Tiger Football team. His "Last Will & Testatment" bequest was to leave "advice to all aspiring young sportsmen, 'If you can't be an athlete, be a Tiger fan'."  He attended Auburn University after graduation, receiving his degree in Electrical Engineering. He owned a landscaping company in Troy, Alabama, where he and his wife, Joan,  raised their four sons.  Larry enjoyed woodworking, golf and fishing.  Go HERE for his obituary.
December 13, 1942 - May 19, 2009

Nancy spent her childhood in Buffalo, New York, and she joined our class junior year.  She was a member of Art Club and Chic & Charming. Her bequest in our "Last Will & Testament" was to leave "whatever Yankee accent I have left to Pauline Wright and all my makeup to Ann Forte in hope she will use it next year in Home Economics."  Nancy entered Pensacola Junior College in the fall of 1960, and became a paralegal.  She passed away from cancer at age 66.  Go HERE to read more about Nancy's life and career.      
June 10, 1942 - August 8, 2019 

In her "Last Will & Testament" Carolyn bequeathed "my chemistry and geometry books to anyone who believes he is capable of filling the places in Mr. Butler's and Mr. Bragg's classes respectively."  Carolyn was a member of  the Library Club, Y-Teens, and in what was ultimately her chosen profession, Future Nurses.  She was in the freshman class at Pensacola Junior College in the fall of 1960, and then continued her education at Nursing School. Go HERE for her obituary.
February 7, 1942 - March 29, 2020

Fred's only club memberhip at PHS was the Talent Club in senior year.  Talent Club was one of the most sought after clubs in school; one hundred students tried out and only forty-five were accepted.  Fred married his high school sweetheart, Judy Tucker (PHS '61), and in his senior "Last Will & Testament" bequest he left "Judy Tucker that which all young ladies strieve to achieve - common sense." Fred joined the Freshman class at Pensacola Junior College in 1960 and went on to Graduate from the University of Alabama with a degree in Medical Denistry.  Fred's interests were RV travel, Fishing, and most of all, Family. He continued practicing denistry until his death.  Go HERE to read more about Fred's life and career as a dentist in Pensacola and Gulf Breeze.
August 8, 1942 - February 15, 2015

Maxie was in Dramatics Club, Fashions & Modeling, Florida History, and Spanish Club.  In her senior "Last Will & Testament" bequest, she left " to Wayne Manley my treasured mangeezer feathers."  Maxie was married to classmate Dean Baird and they shared four children.  After their divorce, she started a house cleaning business, Trinity Cleaning.  In our 50th Reunion Booklet, Maxie said "Any free time I have, I spend it visiting family and friends." Under Accomplishments, she wrote, "Raising my children and operating my own business."  She bravely battled many health issues later in life.  Go HERE for her obituary.

September 12, 1942 - April 14, 1981

Bob Roberts wasn't a joiner.  He was a member of Junior Civitan in junior and senior years and H-Y in senior.  His entry in our senior "Last Will & Testatment," reads:  "I, Bob Roberts, being of sound mind, do hereby bequeath my humanities class to any deserving person."  Bob's dad was a locksmith in Pensacola for many years and Bob continued in his father's footsteps.  His dad lived to be 91 years old, passing away in 2010.  Unfortunately, the father outlived the son.  Bob divorced in 1972 and moved to Longmont Colorado the following year.  He died at Longmont United Hospital from injuries received in an auto accident on April 14, 1981.  He was 40 years old.
August 23, 1941 - October 4, 2021

At PHS, Alice was a member of Chic & Charming, Dramatics Club, Fashions & Modeling, Florida History, and Speaker's Bureau. Following graduation, she joined the Freshman class at Pensacola Junior College.  She met her future husband, Richard "Whitey" Meydag, in 1962 and knew immediately that he was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.  They were married on March 10, 1962, and would have celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in 2022.  Whitey was a pilot and they were stationed in Honolulu when their son John was born. Their second son, Richard, Jr. (Richie) was born in Quantico, Virginia, in 1970.  Sadly, Richie passed away the following year from crib death, and John passed away many years later at  age 30.  Alice and Whitey had two other children, Robert and Karin, and were blessed with four beloved grandchildren, and one great grandchild.  In our class booklet for our 50th Reunion,  when she was living in Connecticut, Alice wrote, "We're raising our 16 year old grandson -- a real challenge raising a 16 year old again!  Enjoyable and easier the second time around!  I enjoy reading, game shows, NY Mets, shopping, trips, and apple picking."  By the time our 55th Reunion came in 2015, Alice and Whitey had moved to Surfside Beach, South Carolina. Under the heading of "Special Interests" she wrote: "Walking the beach (sometimes), shopping, flea markets, getting together with friends in Pensacola, and I am going to try and learn how to play golf!  Lastly, I hope I've done a good job with my family."

Go HERE for Alice's obituary. 
June 7, 1942 - June 28, 1997
Alan was enrolled at PHS for senior year only.  He was featured in our senior Annona, but no school activties accompanied his photograph.  His name was not included in the Commencement Program at graduation in June.  Alan enlisted in the US Marine Corps in September 1963 and Cpl Rosenberg was discharged four years later, September 1967.  Alan's family had relocated from Providence, Rhode Island, to Pensacola when Alan was a teenager.  After Alan left the service, he returned to Providence.  He passed away in June, 1997, and is buried at the Rhode Island Veterans Cemetery in Exeter, Rhode Island.
February 28, 1942 - January 3, 2009

Carol was in the Bowling Club, Christian Youth, Dramatics Club, Girls' Sports Club, Future Doctors and Future Nurses.  In her senior "Last Will & Testatment," she bequeathed her "good times , sweet memories, and ability to make good grades to my brother, Jimmy.  I leave to Sonny Cushing my place in the senior class."  Carol married Michael Rodney Roberts in 1962.  Their son, Michael Roberts, Jr., was born in 1963, and they divorced in February 1967.  In April 1967, Carol married Graydon Geske, LTC US Marine Corps.  Their son, Graydon, Jr. was born the following year.  They later divorced, exact date is unknown.  She married Albert William Smith on May 2, 1994.  In our 40th Reunion Booklet in 2000, Carol listed her occupation as "Clinical Counselor."  She was living in Pensacola at that time.  In the comments section she wrote, "Went back to college in 88-94 and completed my Masters of Science in Counseling.  Enjoy reading, do volunteer work, work crisis line on week-ends.  Recovering from left and right hip replacements over 10 months.  Life goes on..."  We have not been able to locate an obituary.  Go HERE to see her 1962 engagement announcement from the Pensacola News Journal.

July 1, 1942 - January 22, 2014
Shirley was with our PHS class her sophomore and senior years.  She attended Escambia High School her junior year.  Her clubs at PHS were the occupational training clubs, D.C.T & D.E. and the Library Club.  At Escambia, she was a member of the Library Club and Junior Achievement.  Her bequest in the "Last Will & Testatment," was "to Judy Treutel my job as cashier at Lerner Shops if she will have it."  Read her obituary HERE.
November 30, 1942 - December 17, 2009

Brenda was in our class sophomore and junior years.  She retained friendships with many of our classmates throughout her life. She was the sister of legendary radio personality "Papa" Don Schroeder.  Go HERE to view Brenda's obituary.
March 28, 1942 - July 6, 2013

Jerry's club memberships were three years in the Audio Visual Club plus Florida History and Biology Club. Perhaps his bequest in our senior "Last Will & Testament" may have had something to do with the latter.  He left "to Mike Boya the care and cultivation of libistes and reticulatus."  Jerry was enrolled at PJC in September 1960,  served in the U.S. Army and  returned home to Pensacola to start his own business, and raise his family. Jerry was married to classmate Dud Richard's sister, June.  Go HERE to read more about Jerry's very interesting life. 
December 30 1942 - October 9, 2017

Ann was in Future Nurses, Girls' Sports Club, and Chic & Charming.  In her "Last Will & Testament," she bequeathed "my red hair to Roy Sevaetman, and all the intelligence I had in each class to my sister, Marilyn, who will attend here next year."  She enrolled in Pensacola Junior College after graduation, and later worked as a bookkeeper in Guntersville, Alabama. In our 40th Reunion Booklet, she wrote: " I have  been divorced since 1988 and have been taking care of shut-ins, which are older women that need help.  This has been very rewarding."  In our 45th Booklet she had retired and was spending more time as a caregiver to older citizens in her community and said she enjoyed every minute she spent with them. She loved cross-stitching and spending time with her only grandson.  Go HERE for her obituary.
December 1, 1941 - January 21, 2006 
Connor did not leave much of a paper trail during his three years at PHS.  He managed to not be in class photographs in either the 1958 or 1959 Annona.  He does appear in the Senior class section of the 1960 Annona but did not list any club affiliations or make any bequest in the "Last Will & Testament."  The only places he does show up are in the Band sections.  He played drums in the Marching Band, the Concert Band, and the Dance Band, and he was voted Most Talented in the senior WHO's WHO. Connor was an Air Force veteran, a musician and a drum teacher. He was also a newspaper photographer for Leader Publications in Festus, Missouri.  He met his wife, Becky, in 1990 in New Orleans, and they had a Jazz wedding on the Steamboat Natchez.  That same year they moved to Festus to care for Becky's uncle, and Connor quickly became involved in the music scene, teaching and playing. Connor passed away on January 21, 2006, at St. Louis University Hospital.  
Becky Shaw was kind enough to send us some mementos of Connor.  Go HERE for Connor's obituary, and HERE to learn more about Connor's life. 
November 13, 1942 - June 22, 2003
Ron Shelley is a blank page as far as PHS is concerned. He did not list any club affiliations in the Annona for any of the three years he was a student there; nor did he leave a bequest in the Senior "Last Will & Testament."  We lost touch with Ron after graduation. He died, age 60, in 2003, and was survived by his wife and their six children. He is buried in Bellview Baptist cemetery in Bellview, Florida. His obituary did not provide any additional information.
April 3, 1942 - October 19, 2013

Edward was with our class sophomore and junior years.  He was a career member of the United States Air Force and served in Vietnam, retiring in 1979. He was a tireless champion for his fellow veterans.  Edward was buried at Barrancas National Cemetery with full military honors.   Go HERE for his obituary.
March 18, 1942 - September 12, 2015

Jack was in the Math Club, Varsity Club, and was a member of the Fighting Tiger Football team for all three years of high school.  His rather lengthy "Last Will & Testament" bequeathed "my position on the football team to whomever Coach Haynes deems worthy and I wish him the best of luck toward another undefeated season for the Tigers.  Let's keep 'em rolling, Tigers.  I also bequeath the signs in the locker room to him, if he can read them.  How about it, Gary?"  Jack fought in Vietnam and retired from the Air Force as a MSgt.  He and his wife, Sharon, loved traveling, walking, golf, Wii, animals, the beach, woods, mountains and photography, and "assisting our elders to have a better quality of Life."  Jack passed away from lung cancer. His marker at Barancas National Cemetery is inscribed: "TILL THE 12TH OF NEVER."    Go HERE for his obituary. 

June 9, 1941 - December 21, 2009

Butch Sizemore appears to have only been in our class for Junior year.  He does not appear as a student in the Sophomore or Senior Annonas.  His photograph above was from the 1959 Annona.  Butch was born in Tifton, Georgia, and his family moved to Pensacola the following year.  His parents lived in Pensacola the remainder of their lives.  Butch married Pauline Key Black in November 1960.  They moved to Tifton, Georgia, in 1985, shortly after Butch's father passed away, and Butch is buried there, in Tifton Memorial Gardens.  Go HERE to read his obituary.
June 2, 1941 - July 28, 1981
Richard Slade was a member of two clubs in his three years at PHS, the Bowling Club and Hi-Y.  He enlisted in the U.S. Army on December 4, 1963, and served in Vietnam.  He ended his tour on December 3, 1965.   He returned to Pensacola, married, and raised a family with his wife, Audrey - two sons and two daughters.  He died at age 40.  Go HERE for Richard's obituary.  

In 2011, this website received a note from Richard's daughter, Kerri Slade Williams. Kerri wrote: "Richard was my father.  I was hoping I could garner some information from you guys about him since I was so young when be became ill and died.  Thanks.  Kerri Williams. Telephone 423-307-1525.  email" 

November 22, 1940 - July 27, 2013 
Smitty was in Junior Navy League and was on the Tiger basketball team sophomore year and football team junior year.  His "Last Will & Testament" bequest was to leave "my ability to throw apples through windows to Artie McGraw."  He married his high school sweetheart, Ginger Wilson (PHS '60), and they were together for 49 years.   To view Smitty's obituary go HERE.
"P. J."
December 2, 1941 - October 15, 2014

P. J. was a member of Christian Youth, Hi-Y, Junior Navy League, the Photography Club and the Varsity Club.  He played on the Tiger football team, the basketball team, and on what became his lifetime favorite sport, the baseball team.  In the senior "Last Will & Testament," P. J. bequeathed his "ability to strike out three times in one ball game to that slugger Tiger catcher Dalton Renfroe."  P. J. married his high school sweetheart, Sheila Phillips (PHS '60), and was a Pensacola Fire Fighter for many years.  His great love of baseball eventually led him to Catholic High School where he was a revered assistant coach for twenty-two years.  Go HERE to read a tribute published in the Pensacola News Journal after his death, and HERE to find out more about his life's journey.
March 27, 2010

Ruby's club memberships were Art Club, D.C.T., International Relations, and Junior Red Cross.  In her  "Last Will & Testament" she bequeathed "to the DCT class, Mrs. Arnold."  Ruby retired from the Escambia County Civil Service Board in 2005, after twenty-seven years of service. You will find her obituary HERE.
August 19, 1968

Larry was at PHS from 1957 to 1960 and was a member of CHI RHO Hi-Y in his junior and senior years.  In the Tiger's Tale "Last Will and Testament,"  he wrote: "I, Larry Stanley, do hereby bequeath my Latin II book to anybody brave enough to take Latin."  Larry graduated from Pensacola Junior College and  the University of Florida.  He married  Lana Dean Warren in May of 1967 and tragically died one year later. Go HERE for Larry's obituary.
September 26, 1942 - September 29, 1988
Member of the Class of 1961

Nikos Stassinos' brief life took many twists and turns.  His parents emigrated from Greece in the early 1900's and settled in Pensacola.  His dad, Louis, operated the B & B Restaurant on Palafox in 1910 at age 21 and  became a partner four years later.  Nikos, who was known as Mickey as a child, was born in 1942 and was only 15 when his dad died in 1957 at age 68.  His mother took over the restaurant but unfortunately she became ill and died in October 1960.  Nikos had just entered the senior class at PHS a month earlier. When he was younger, he attended the American Academy in Athens and Georgia Military Academy in Milledgeville.   He was a student at Emory University at Oxford,  Georgia, in 1962 and was named to the Merit List.  In July of 1962, he married Arianne Viscountess Fassilaki de Horn in Athens.  They lived in Pensacola, but divorced in 1965.  In 1980, Nikos moved to Layfayette, Louisiana, where he died eight years later.  He is buried at St. John Cemetery in Pensacola near his parents.  Go HERE for more information on Nikos and HERE to read a remembrance from his dear friend, Carolyn Joyce Tokson (PHS '60) which includes a poem that she wrote in his honor.
August 8, 1942 - March 15, 2021

Frances was a member of Chic & Charming, Christian Youth, Future Nurses, Spanish Club, and Y-Teens.  In her senior Last Will & Testament she bequeathed "this lovely faculty of PHS to my sister Bettie."  Frances had two children, Tony and Chris Waters,  eleven grandchildren, and nine great-granchildren.  Her husband was deceased.  In our 50th Reunion booklet, she wrote: "Obviously I'm pretty wrapped up in my grandchildren and great grandchildren (they all live in Pensacola).  I love dressing dolls and making teddy bears and other crafty things."  She moved from Pensacola in 2011 to be near her son.   Click HERE to read her obituary. 
July 28, 1942 - January 25, 2012

Don was in the Amateur Radio Club, the Glee Club, Photography Club, and SPEBSQSA.  In the "Last Will & Testament,"  he bequeathed, "to any unfortunate senior who takes Contemporary World Affairs, my pillow and "back of the room" seat.  Good Luck!"  Don joined the freshman class at PJC in the fall of 1960, and then enlisted in the Air Force in 1963.  In our 40th Reunion Booklet in 2005, Don wrote: "I am semi-retired.  Spend lots of time cruising, live on my boat.  If it's wet, I do it. Love of the water has never left me.  Recently connected with my love of years ago."  To read more about Don's interesting life life, go HERE. (Hint:  He married that old love.) Don's ashes were scattered over one of his favorite fishing waters outside Pensacola Pass.  His memorial at Pensacola Memorial Gardens reads: 
Remembered Here
 Scattered In The Sea

June 15, 1942 - February 4, 1987

Marget was a member of Chic & Charming, Christian Youth and World Wide Friendship clubs.  We lost touch with Marget after high school.  She married Robert R. Moore and was a lifelong resident of Pensacola.  She died at home at the age of 44 and is buried at Bayview Memorial Park.  Go HERE for her obituary.
February 16, 1941 - February 17, 2020

Don was on the Track Team his sophomore and junior years. In his "Last Will & Testatment" bequest, he willed "Coach Simpson's P.E. class to anyone lucky enough to get in it."  Don joined the US Air Force and fought in Vietnam.  He is buried in the Alabama State Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Spanish Fort, Alabama.  Go HERE for Don's obituary.

Bill Sugg was a member of the Tennis Team in his junior year, the year that the sport began at PHS.  He also participated in the Bowling Club, the Math Club, and the Square Dance Club.  In his senior year Last Will and Testament,  Bill bequeathed "to any sophomore crazy enough to take Speech, my psychiatrist and couch."  We lost touch with Bill after graduation.  He was married and his wife's name was Patricia and their last known address was in Stone Mountain, Georgia.   Bill passed away in 2020 but we have not been able to locate an obituary.
October 7, 1942 - October 26, 2017

Bubba's club memberships in high school reflected his varied interests: French Club, International Relations, Junion Navy League, Band & Dance Band, Instrumental Club & Jazz, Leo Manus.  He also served on the Annona Circulation Staff.  His "Last Will & Testament" entry was brief, willing his "'headache' to Frank Winn."  Bubba entered Pensacola Junior College in the fall of 1960, then to Mississippi State University and the University of South Alabama, and worked in education for many years, as well as being one of the original owners of Flora-Bama.  Go HERE to read more about Bubba's life after high school.
April 8. 2000

Raymond was in the Photography Club, SPEBSQSA (Barber Shop Quartet Preservation), and Christian Youth.  His senior "Last Will & Testament" was to "bequeath and leave Mr. Bragg to some other poor, unsuspecting , innocent person who will be pursuing the route of Geometry. (And I hope I leave.)"  He continued his education at Pensacola Junior College.  Go HERE for his obituary. 
April 1, 2018
Bruce wore the #1 jersey playing tackle on the history making Fighting Tiger Football Team of 59-60.  In his sophomore, junior and senior years at PHS, he was in the Varsity Club, the Key Club, and Hi-Y.  In his senior Last Will & Testament, he bequeathed "my silencer to Royce Chitty."  Bruce entered the Freshman Class at Pensacola Junior College following his graduation from PHS.  He was a contractor for many years, living in Bethel, CT.  where he and his wife Audrey raised three children, TY, Heather, and Kendra, and after they were grown,  they adopted three more, becoming foster parents to three siblings, two girls and a boy!  They were also the grandparents of two, Sam and Emma.  Bruce enjoyed woodworking and a broad range of do-it-yourself activites, bird watching, and walking his three dogs.  Go HERE for his obituary.
September 19, 1942 - March 11, 2013
Cliff joined Christian Youth, Glee Club, Math Club, Sciene Club, and SPEBSQSA.  His bequest in our senior "Last Will & Testament," was to leave "Miss Hussey to any junior who is brave enough to have her as a teacher."  Cliff entered Pensacola Junior College in September 1960.  He lived in Nashville for many years and handled research and statistics for LifeWay Christian Resources.  Go HERE for Cliff's obituary.
 August 31, 1942 - September 4, 2017 

For whatever reason, Sue's senior class photo failed to make it into our 1960 Annona so her club memberships are somewhat of a mystery.  She was in the Speaker's Bureau and Talent Club senior year, and she was Co-Art Director of the Tiger's Tale; her art adorned many issues through junior and senior years.  In her "Last Will & Testament," she "bequeathed my dates with Ralph." (Ralph's identity will forever remain a mystery.)   Following graduation, Sue entered Pensacola Junior College in the fall, and then married in August 1961. (Go HERE for News Journal annoucement).  Unfortunately, the marriage ended in divorce.  Eventually she moved to St Augustine and remained in that area until her death.  Although there was no published obituary, Sue's daughter, Mary Zoe McClellan, was kind enough to write one for us to include on our class website.  Click HERE to read Mary Zoe's tribute to her Mom.

October 19, 1942 - June 24, 1997


 Fe' was a busy girl in high school, her many clubs included: Announcing Staff, Christian Youth,  Fashions & Modeling, Music Appreciation, Student Council (voted Most Outstanding Girl Student Council Member), Speaker's Bureau, Florida History.  Go HERE to read Fe's obituary and a remembrance of Fe' by her friend, Mary (Workman) Kettenring, and go HERE to see Fe's Wedding Announcement, published in the Pensacola News Journal.

February 12, 2015

Aline was a member of Chic & Charming, Future Business Leaders, Future Homemakers, and the Library Club.  In her senior Last Will & Testament,  she bequeathed "my white shorts to James Hardy and my ability to flirt to Betty Joyce, Barbara Jean and Glenda.  May they use it wisely."  Aline was married to Jimmy Adams. They lived in Henderson, North Carolina and were parents to four children and grandparents to ten grandchildren. In our 50th Reunion booklet, Aline wrote:  "Love collecting Barbie Dolls and related items.  Collection contains over 3,000 dolls. I enjoy fishing, especially at the pond where we have our log cabin, and we often entertain our family and friends there.  My big hobby is visiting flea markets and yard sales looking for depression glass and Barbie Dolls.  I've had a tough battle with diabetes and my vision now is very poor, but life is good, and the Lord has blessed."   
June 22, 1943 - March 11, 2005

Ruth did not graduate with our class and until recently there was nothing to link her to the Class of '60, but she was actually with us our sophomore year. (Go HERE for the proof which was found in the 1958 Annona.)  In our 40th Reunion Booklet in 2000, she listed her profession as Medical Research Librarian, and under "Interests" she wrote, "small scale farming in Molino (cows, chickens, fishing)"  Her mother, Dorothy, passed away in 1993, at age 92, and she graduated from PHS in 1918!  Ruth attended Brenau Academy for Girls in Gainesville, GA for her last two years of high school, then went on to Brenau College and to Peabody College for her Master's Degree.  Go HERE for her obituary, and if your interest is piqued you can also view her wedding announcement in the Pensacola News Journal HERE
February 1, 1942 - October 21, 2012

Sid's club memberships were Florida History, Math, Photography, Spanish, and Key Club.  Senior year, he was the Clubs editor on the Annona Literary Staff.  In the "Last Will & Testatment," he bequeathed "my diligent and hard work in trying to confuse the members of the Annona Staff to Mark McCaughan, and last but not least, good-by to Pony Girl."  ed: Pony Girl!!??  Sid graduated from the University of Alabama, and lived in Alabama for the rest of his life.  Go HERE to read more about it.  
September 23, 1942 - December 9, 2014

Randall's club memberships were Bowling (President),  Square Dance, and Junior Navy League.   He bequeathed "Miss Hussey to any junior who is crazy enough to sign up for one of the courses that she teaches," in his senior "Last Will & Testament."  (Miss Hussey was his Math Teacher.)  Following graduation, Randall attended the University of Florida in Gainesville, joined the US Army and served in Vietnam.  He married in 1964 (Go HERE) and  returned to Pensacola, retiring after 39 years of Federal Civil Service.
Randall lost his battle with cancer in 2014 and is buried at Barrancas National Cemetery.  Go HERE for his obituary.
December 10, 1941 - May 8, 2018

Sue's high school club memberships were the Bowling Club and Y-Teens.  In her senior "Last Will & Testament," she bequeathed "my Algebra I book to Mrs. Holt and all her future students."  After graduation, Sue joined the freshman class at Pensacola Junior College.  Sue married Scott Touart in 1977.  They were living in Covington, GA in 2000, when she wrote in our 40th Reunion booklet, "The most important and exciting event in my life has been getting a "Women in the Church" ministry.  It started in our church and it is now a very strong ministry, serving many needs of our church."  Sue passed away in 2018.  The notice of her death simply stated that she was surrounded by her beloved family and services would be announced at a later date. 
February 23, 1943 - January 8, 2014
Mike's club affiliations were Key Club (President), International Relations, and Music Appreciation.  He was voted "Best Dressed" in our senior Who's Who, and he was on the Golf Team all three years, Co-Captain in junior year and Captain in senior year.  For his senior "Last Will & Testament," Mike bequeathed "my ability to three-putt greens in State High School golf tournaments to Don Fanning, and last but not least, I leave my love for Miss Raborn."  After high school,  Mike continued his education at the University of Alabama, and from 1964 to 1968 he served with the 101st Airborne Division.  He married in 1970.  In our 50th Reunion Booklet, Mike was living in Humble, Texas.  He wrote: "Keep busy as President for two precision machining companies: Gillette Machine & Tools and Nationwide Precision Products, both members of Precision Partners Holding Company.  Hope to retire in a few more years and settle down in the Houston area.  Rita and I have moved 41 times in my career.  Sorry I cannot make the 50th Reunion, but maybe can make the next one in 5 years."  Sadly, he couldn't make it.  Mike passed away in 2014, a month shy of his 71st birthday.   But there's a lot more to tell about Mike's life, so please go HERE to find out the rest of his story.
November 1941 - September 29, 2016

Barbara was a member of Chic & Charming, D.C.T. & D.E., and Future Airline Hostesses.  In the senior "Last Will & Testament," she bequeathed "to William R. Wise, a future sophomore, all the wonderful times I've had at PHS." Barbara sent address updates over the years, but we don't know much about her life after PHS other than she lived in Melbourne, FL, for many years.  Go HERE for her brief but touching obituary.
April 6, 2016

Billy Wallace left little trace of himself at PHS. Other than his senior photograph in the 1960 Annona and his name on the June Commencement program, there is nothing else to mark his presence in the class.  He served in the US Army and married Gloria Jean Vallia in December 1967, making his home in Pensacola. He did keep in touch over the years by providing his home address and, even though his obituary says "Bill",  he made a note in an update that he preferred "Billy." He was the brother-in-law of classmate Joe Edmondson. Go HERE to read more about his life and career.
May 4, 1942 - January 2, 1996

Of all of the classmates that I have searched for, I was the most pleased to find Tom Waller's story. Tom was one of our invisible classmates.  His photo appears in the junior and senior Annonas, but there is little else to mark him in our class.  He was a member of Los Tigres Spanish Club in senior year and following graduation, he entered the freshman class at Pensacola Junior College, but up until now the only information we had was the fact that he died in 1996 and was buried in Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell, FL.  Well Tom has a fantastic story to tell and I hope you will go HERE to find it. 
March 12, 2020

Barbara was in the Art Club, Christian Youth, Hall Monitors, and the Annona Advertising Staff.  Her bequest in the senior "Last Will & Testament" was to leave "to Janie Beagles my ability to have fun any time, any place, and almost anywhere."  By the 50th reunion, Barbara had retired as a Program Secretary, and her husband Tony as a flight instructor.  They were living in Headland, AL and enjoying their three children and five grandchildren.  Her comment was: "I am gloriously retired."  Sadly, she suffered a massive stroke while on vacation and passed away a few days later.  Go HERE to read Barbara's thoughts on life prior to our 50th reunion, and HERE for her obituary.
July 11, 1942 - October 1, 2013

Joanne was a joiner!  Her many club memberships during her three years at PHS included, Chic & Charming, Christian Youth, Hall Moniters, D.C.T & D. E., Future Airlines Hostesses, Future Nurses, and Y-Teens.  She bequeathed "to Gail Ward, with my best regards, my book and seat in the second year Latin class," in the senior "Last Will & Testament."  By the 50th reunion, she and her husband Jim had both retired, she as an insurance agent, and Jim as a contractor.  She listed her interests as: "Reading, Relaxing at weekend cabin at Coldwater Creek, walking with Maggie, my Daschaund, exercise."  Go HERE for her obituary.

September 30, 1942 - August 12, 2010


Mary Doris was with our class in sophomore and senior years.  In her junior year she attended Catholic High. At PHS, her clubs were Chic & Charming, Florida History, Glee Club, Spanish Club, and Y-Teens.  At Catholic High, she was part of the Catholic Students Mission Crusade (CSMC) and Glee Club.  In the senior "Last Will & Testament," she left "'Sticks' to Patti Anderson for ever and ever, 'Searfoss' to Carol Shaw, and 'Buzzy B' to Sandra Leverette.  Good Luck."  In our 50th Reunion booklet Mary Doris listed her occupation as "Wife, Mother, Grandmother."  She and her husband Roger had four children and ten grandchildren. They traveled the world together for 47 years.  Mary Doris fought a courageous battle with breast cancer.  Go HERE to read more about her life and her faith.

August 24, 1942 - January 10, 2014

Jane's club memberships were Christian Youth, Hall Monitors, Y-Teens, and Future Nurses.  In her "Last Will & Testament," she left "dear ole 'Pensacola High' to the forthcoming seniors."  Jane married a year after graduation, and with her husband Jack, raised two sons. She became a nurse and worked many years at West Florida Hospital.  Go HERE for her obituary.
November 11, 1941 - April 6, 2002

Tony was a busy guy during his three years at PHS.  He was a member of Future Doctors, Hi-Y, Math Club, Key Club, Student Council, Beta Club, Quill & Scroll, Science Fair Committee Chairman, and Sports Editor for the 1960 Annona.  For the senior "Last Will & Testament," he bequeathed "the Science Fair to Mr Hyatt and the Science Fair Committee."  After high school graduation, Tony joined the freshman class at Pensacola Junior College, where he was the Editor of the 1961 yearbook TIDE.  After that, we lost track of Tony.  He was living in Pensacola in 1995 and from then on he was on our "Missing List."  He passed away on April 6, 2002, but no further information has come to light.
January 3, 1940 - December 5, 2019
Unfortunately, there is not a lot we know about Charles Wellman.  He was in our class all three years at PHS.  He checked in once for our 45th Reunion booklet and he was living in Pensacola with his mother at that time.  His senior photo appears in the Annona and his name is on the Commencement Program, but he listed no club affiliations and made no bequest in the senior "Last Will & Testament."  He was a US Navy veteran, and a retired gas well operator.  He passed away in Hi Hat, Kentucky.  Go HERE for his obituary.
January 1, 1943 - March 20, 1986

Jon didn't leave much a trail behind during his high school years.  He was in the Math Club and the Chess Club and Hi-Y.  Following graduation, he attended F. S. U., receiving his  B. S. Degree from F. S. U. in 1964 and Jurist Doctorate degree from the University of Florida in 1967.  He was Gulf Breeze City Attorney from 1975 to 1980.  Jon was brother-in-law to classmate Fe' Thomas White, who was married to his brother, Charles.  Jon passed away at the age of 43.  Go HERE for his obituary.
September 7, 1942 - March 9, 2011

Bill's club memberships were Christian Youth, Glee Club, SPEBSQSA, and Junior Civitan.  He played in the Fighting Tiger Band, and sang in "Voices."  He also was in the Aviation Club, which leads us to his senior "Last Will & Testament":  "I, Bill White, if I am lucky enough to pass Physics, do hereby bequeath the Piper Aircraft of West Florida Aviation Company to anyone capable of flying them."  Bill's love of flying led him to become a commercial pilot and he flew for several major airline companies before retiring and enjoying ten years of motor homing with his wife Judy.  Bill died of cancer in 2011.  Go HERE to read more about his life's journey. 
1942 - 2019

Sarah attended PHS in the beginning of her sophomore year and returned for her senior year.  She spent a portion of her sophomore and her entire  junior year  at Acadia Baptist Academy in Eunice, Louisiana.  Her club participation at PHS was Christian Youth, Dramatics Club, Fashions and Modeling, Future Nurses and Glee  Club.  At Acadia Academy she sang in the choir and in the Junior Trio, appeared in the school play, was in the Library Club, LMEA Festival, and IAOA Rally.  In her senior Last Will and Testament, "I do hereby leave my place as the only girl in first period physics class to Betsy Champion."  Sarah entered the Freshman Class at Pensacola Junior College following her graduation from PHS.   In our 50th Reunion booklet, she wrote that she was a retired nurse and a heavy equipment operator.  She had two children, Cynthia Gail Self and Daniel Eric Morgan and three grandchildren, Jasmine, Christopher and Tiffany.  Go HERE to read a tribute from her granddaughter Jasmine which includes a recent photo of Sarah with Jasmine and her great-grandchildren.  
June 14, 1942 - September 28, 1998
Patricia was a member of Christian Youth, Fashions & Modeling, Future Nurses and Y-Teens.  Her bequest in our "Last Will & Testament" was to "leave all the good times I have had in my Home Economics classes to Sue Donnelly." Patricia attended Pensacola Junior College and married Andy Moore in 1964.  They lived in Pensacola and had three children.  Sadly, Patricia was killed in an automobile accident on September 28, 1998, near Crestview.  Her daughter, Heather, was killed in a motor vehicle accident on May 7, 1999, less than eight months after her mother.  Go HERE for learn more details of these  events and HERE for her obituary.