For all of you Tigers who attended A. V. Clubbs Jr. High, you may recall a little gossip sheet that came with each issue of the Clubbs TATTLER, but you may not remember that it was penned by none other than our reunion chairman, Mary Moffett Hufford.  If you'd like to see whom you may have had a crush on back in 1957...or who may have had their eye on you...go HERE to see just one example of Mary's handiwork.  You can read several more that are attachments to some of THE TATTLER issues found on the A V Clubbs section of the website. 

Mary's gossip sheet provides an appropriate segue to the topic of high school sweethearts.  Do you know how many of our classmates were married after each other?  I bet you are wondering who they are, aren't you?  Well, before we reveal them, let's play a little game.  Go HERE to see how many classmates you can name, and how many couples you can match up.  Once you've completed that task, you can go HERE to see how you did.  No cheating!!!

And while we're on the subject of young love, do you remember who sang your favorite version of that 1957 hit?  Sonny James or Tab Hunter?  You do remember Tab Hunter, don't you?  According to Wikipedia, the Sonny James version first reached the Billboard charts on January 5, 1957, was a No. 1 hit for nine weeks, and remained the longest-reigning of James' 23 chart topping songs.  A scant two weeks later, Tab Hunter's recording hit the charts on January 19, 1957, peaked at #1 on the Best Seller Chart, the Juke Box Chart, The Disk Jockey Chart, and on the composite chart of the top 100 songs.  In fact, the success of this record led Warner Bros., where Tab Hunter was a contract player, to form Warner Bros. Records.  I have to admit that I was a bit more partial to Tab's record back then.  How about you?