November 29, 2022

Ronnie Archer passed away in Pensacola on November 22, 2022.  A celebration of Ronnie's life will be held on Saturday, December 10th at St. Joseph Catholic Church, 140 West Government Street, Pensacola.  Visitation 10:30-11:30, Service at 11:30.  

September 18, 2022

Randy Mager's obituary has been added to our In Memoriam section. 

Randy will be cremated and remembered as per his wishes at a celebration of his life on Friday, September 23, 2022, from 2 to 4 pm at Calvert's in the Heights,  670 Scenic Hwy, Pensacola, where his friends can gather on his beloved bluff overlooking Escambia Bay and with love and laughter reflect on a life well and truly lived. 

September 5, 2022
Randy Mager passed away today.  Those of you who attended our recent reunion will remember seeing Randy's smiling face there.  It's hard to believe that was only a mere three weeks ago.  Randy's wife, Suzy, sent the following message to the ROMEOS: 

"Randy passed early this morning (Monday, Sept. 5), from gallbladder issues that caused sepsis.  He loved his ROMEO lunches, and talked about them all the time.  A private family memorial is planned in the future.  Thank you for loving him as much as we did.  Suzy" 

August 12 - 13, 2022  62nd Class Reunion & 80th Birthday Celebration

Our 60th/62nd Class Reunion is over and everyone had a wonderful time!  We are already making plans for our 65th Reunion in 2025!!!!  If you weren't able to join us, you were missed. 

The photographs that were taken by Art Hufford during our two days of celebrating may be viewed in the PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS section, which you can see on the menu bar to the left.  Once there, page down to 60th Class Reunion - 2022.  If anyone has photographs that were taken at the reunion that you would like to share, please forward to Art and Mary Hufford, or upload them directly to our website.  

Suzanne (Ball) Parkhurst, PHS '61, attended our reunion as an invited guest, although she has often said that she enjoys being with our class more than her own.  GO HERE to read Suzanne's lovely account of the two days she shared with us at our 60th Reunion celebration.  Even though she wasn't a part of our graduating class, we all share the same memories.

August 2, 2022

Randy Mager recently informed us that Bruce Telhiard passed away after a six year struggle with cancer at his home in Bethel, Connecticut, on Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018.  You will find his obituary in our In Memorian section of the website.
July 7, 2022

When sending out notices to our classmates announcing a class reunion, it's inevitable that along with the reservation forms, we also hear about classmates who have passed away.  So far this list includes:  Susan Lovelace, Aline Thompson, Bill Sugg, John Cherry, Dot Posey, Frank Edmonson, Sally Decker, Roland Newhouse, and Broward Raker.  All are now included in our In Memoriam section of the website where you can find an updated list of the 192 friends who have left us.
May 25, 2022
Joe Gilchrist died today. Tributes have been pouring in from every news outlet in the Pensacola area and beyond.  Go Here  to view a special website created to honor Joe's legacy.  A friend of Joe's said it best:

"So,  wherever you are today, go catch some live, local music, tap your toes or cut a rug.  And, raise a glass to the one and only Joe Gilchrist.  He's not pouring the whiskey anymore but his spirit will always permeate the musical legacy and welcoming atmosphere he 'Built at the Bama'."


May 18, 2022

As we near the time for celebrating our 62nd Class Reunion, we were sad to learn of the recent passing of Connie (Booras) Borzych in Fort Walton Beach.  Those of you who attended our joyful 50th Reunion celebration in 2010, may remember seeing Connie there.  Her obituary has been added to our In Memoriam section and her name to the growing list of fallen classmates.

March 28, 2022

For those classmates who may be interested, two PHS classmates recently passed away in Pensacola:  Dickie Hooton, Class of '59 and Steve Trawick, Class of '61.  Go HERE for their obituaries. 

October 24, 2021

Terry Busbee passed away on October 17, 2021, due to complications from lung cancer.  Terry's obituary can be found in our In Memoriam section. 

October 9, 2021

Alice (Roper) Meydag passed away on October 4, 2021, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  A "Celebration of Life" service will be held on Wednesday, October 20th at Harper-Morris Memorial Chapel, Pensacola, from 6 to 8 PM.  Alice's obituary can be found on the In Memoriam section of the website. 

July 1, 2021

We recently learned of the passing of three more members of the Class of '60.  Mary (Owen) Jernigan passed away in Cantonment, FL, on March 22, 2021, but we only received notice this week.  Those of you who participated in the class Zoom call in April 2020 may remember seeing Mary there.  Richard Allen Cross, passed away on June 26, 2021, in Pensacola, after a battle wih Gliobflastoma for many years.   Elton Johnson passed in Marietta, Georgia, just a few days ago and we are waiting to receive more information on his passing.  Mary's and Richard's obituaries can be found on the In Memorian section of the website.  Go HERE to read a tribute to Elton from two of his classmates.
June 28, 2021

Mary and Art received notice today that a Memorial Service for the Class of 60's Classmate, Don Kilpatrick,  will be held on Wednesday, July 7, at 4:30 at Trinity Presbyterian Church of Pensacola.  When Don died May 1, 2020, his family decided to wait until the risk of Covid had subsided before scheduling his memorial service. 
Don was a loyal member of R.O.M.E.O. and the PHS Class of 1960; two facts that were included in his obituary.  We wanted everyone to know about his service next week in the hope that his friends here in Pensacola can plan to attend. 
May 13, 2021

Diane Dearinger Erickson passed away in Jacksonville, Florida,  on May 12, 2021, surrounded by her loving family.  She battled multiple forms of cancer and endured several experimental treatments, surviving 20 years from her original diagnosis.  Diane's obituary can be found in our In Memoriam section of the website. 
April 2, 2021

Bill Barry passed away on February 26, 2021, in Fordland, Missouri.  Bill's obituary can be found in our In Memoriam section.  

March 23, 2021

Frances (Stevens) Waters passed away in Noblesville, Indiana on March 15, 2021.  Her obituary can be found on our In Memoriam page.

January 13, 2021

Gordon Cassels passed away on Sunday, January 3rd.  There has been no obituary published.  We will update if further information is available.  

December 20, 2020

Sad news to report so close to Christmas, Frank Parkhurst passed away on December 14th in Blowing Rock, North Carolina.  His obituary can be read on the In Memoriam page of the website.  

We wish all of our classmates and friends a safe and blessed holiday season. 
November 2,  2020

Some sad news to report on this 2020 Election Eve, two classmates have recently passed away.   Lamar Harry on October 24th and Sally Booker Currie on November 1st.  Their obituaries have been added to the In Memoriam page.  

November 1, 2020

Remember the old Scenic Terrace in East Pensacola Heights where we used to dance and have a good time?  A local man has bought the property and wants to restore it back to the Mr. George Jordan days. He is looking for photos of it both inside and out--even a sketch would help--descriptions, memories, whatever. Please send those to
Sheila Phillips Smith (PHS '60) at  850-438-3975.   

July 11, 2020

We recently learned of the passing of Walter Eisele in January.  Walter had been in failing health and had relocated to Lima, Ohio, to be near his sister, Christel.  In addition, the following classmates have been added to the deceased list:  Bill Kennedy (06/19), Bill McAdam (12/29/12), Katharine Padgett (10/16/16), Susan Hill (10/13/99), Don Styron (02/17/20).  Each one has been remembered on the In Memorian section of the website.  

June 28, 2020

Everyone has a story if we only take the time to find it.  For a long time I have been bothered by the fact that so many of the classmates found on the Memoriam page are just faces with names and dates and most are strangers to us.  For the past month I have endeavored to find a story for every deceased classmate, just a few words that would make each life stand out, and each face an individual, someone that we once shared a small part of our lives with. The result of this is a revamped Memoriam section.  Whenever an obituary is available, it is now an attachment you can click on to view.  This makes scanning down the page much faster.  Some stories are uplifting and some will break your heart, but I hope that you will take the time to read them.  The notifications of classmates who have left us, that have appeared on the Announcements page for the past ten years, have been removed.  An updated list of  those who have passed on can always be found at the top of the Memoriam page. During my search for information, I also came across many other items that may be of  interest to the class that will be added to the website in the days to come.  Stay safe everyone.   
May 28, 2020
Sixty years ago, on June 3, 1960, five hundred and eight members of the Pensacola High School senior class walked across the stage at the Memorial Auditorium to collect our diplomas.   During the past few months under self quarantine, and without much to do other than stare at the television screen for hours, I have spent quite a lot of time thinking about our class.  In 1960, our entire lives were ahead of us, and we just assumed that we would live forever, or at the very least, that we had long and productive years ahead of us.  Unfortunately, as the years passed, we’d hear news of classmates who had died, and we learned about the causes: cancer, automobile accidents, heart attacks, even war.  How could that have happened to someone who, just yesterday, was sitting beside, behind or in front of us in class? With each passing, we are reminded of how precious those high school years were, and how so many of those classmates had touched our lives in various and even profound ways.  The memorial list of deceased classmates has continued to grow and is now at 161 – over 30% of our class.  For the past ten years I have been updating the list, and it never ceases to amaze me that during those three years at PHS, although I felt like I knew nearly everyone in our class, I have come to realize that I knew only a few, and of the 161 deceased classmates, I now recognize the names of no more than thirty.  One of the names I did not recognize is Lawrence T. Stanley, whom I now know preferred to be called Larry.  In 2010, when I began to compile the names of deceased classmates for our class website,  Larry was an invisible classmate to me.  There was no obituary and no indication of the date of his passing.  He was in our class through our sophomore, junior and senior years but I had no memory of him.  Recently I was searching through my 1960 ANNONA and came across Larry’s signature.  He had written, "It is an endless source of mystery to me as to how you can be absent the day before a test and still come back and make an "A". I hope that you will always remain the same sweet girl. Sometimes I wonder what Life would be like if the gang nearest the windows were not there.  Your friend and fellow Lit student, Larry Stanley.”  We were part of a “gang” Larry and me!  Then I began to wonder about all those other unknown faces.  How many more friends lay buried in my past?  Some I may have known from home room;  Others, like Larry, from sharing a class, or simply passing in the hallways and nodding a quick “hello.” Each of them touched us in some way, and our lives are richer because of them. 
"Friends come into our lives, and friends leave our lives, but friends never leave our hearts."   John M. Simmons  
April 19, 2020


Participants in Class of 60's ZOOM "Reunion" 
Top Row: Mary Hufford, Art Hufford, Paulette (Padgett) Swindle, Charles Hitt, Mary (Owen) Jernigan, George Gaines  Row 2: Bill Early, Charlotte (Herman) Janis, Curtis Norred, Joelle (Reese) Gibson, Gillis Mellen, Rela (Anderson) White  Row 3: Rita (Daw) Kohli, Charles Liberis, Phyllis (Bennett) Samaha, Jim King, Johnie (Coleman) Williams, Tommy Harrell Row 4: Dale Burgess, Carolyn (Joyce) Tokson, Julia Ann (Richardson) Cooper, Priscilla (Duncan) Peacock, Judy (Yarbrough) Boyett, Pat (Lewis) Dasinger.  Not Pictured: Wray "Skippy" Morse.


February 16, 2020

I am continuing to update the website so if you haven't checked it out in a while, have a look.  Several new Clubbs Tattlers have been added.  The "Tiger Sports" section now includes ALL PHS sports, not just Football, and there's a new section on the Band and Chorus. When you have time, scroll down the list on the left to see what's new, and keep coming back.  I will continue to work on the site and there's lots more to come!  Any contributions or comments you may have to offer are always welcome.

JANUARY 19, 2020

Yes, you have come to the right place.  As you can see, if you have checked out our website in the past, a lot of changes have been made lately.  We have arrived at a new decade - our NINTH!  It seemed a good time to make some changes, especially since it was getting increasingly difficult to read some of the print without my glasses on.  I hope the changes will make it easier for you to navigate the site.  A lot of new things have been added, so if you haven't logged on in a while, check it out.  Work is still being done, and I hope you will continue to check-in periodically to see what's new!  Your comments are always welcome.


September 3, 2018

It has been a while since our Announcements Page has been updated.  Sadly in the intervening months five of our PHS classmates have left us.  Their obituaries have been added to the In Memoriam section of the website and to the Memorial Board found on the "We Remember Them..." page.  

February 20, 2018
Mike Pietro's wife, Gertie Hamilton Pietro (PHS Class of '61),
passed away today in St Louis.  Funeral Service will be held at the Schrader Funeral Home in Ballwin, Missouri, on Saturday, February 24 at 11:30 a.m.  Private interment at St. John United Church of Christ Cemetery in Manchester.  In lieu of flowers contributions may be made to American Heart Association or Humane Society of Missouri.  Friends of Mike and Gertie may sign the family's on-line guest book at

November 19, 2016
Here's some good news for a change, our classmate, Jim King, who lost his wife Joyce to cancer last year, has remarried.  Jim and Donna Lee (Beick) Carpenter were married on Saturday, October 29, 2016.  


July 20, 2016
A new page has been added to the menu bar, "High School Memories".  This is a project started by the Class of 1958 and their webmaster, Wayne Tippin.  Wayne has been collecting memories for over a year and he has just issued an updated version.  It makes for interesting reading.  All contributions are strictly confidential.  If anyone in our class would be interested in starting a similar project, please send me a message using the "Contact Us" link on the menu bar.



June 30, 2016

Coach Jimmy Haynes passed away today at the age of 92. He was featured in an article published the next day in the Pensacola News Journal.  Click HERE to read the tribute to Coach Haynes entitled "Former Players Fondly Remember PHS Coach Jimmy Haynes".  A copy of Coach Haynes' obituary can be found at the end of the article.  You can offer any thoughts or tributes to Coach Haynes at and enter his name in the search box. 


June 1, 2016

At this stage in our lives, most of us have retired and are enjoying our "golden" years.  Not so for Joe Gilchrist.  He decided to start a new venture:  The New Malibu Lounge.   Here's what the News Journal had to say just after it opened:

"For years the Malibu on Gulf Beach Highway put the wild in the wild, wild westside.  A blue-collar bar with a colorful case of characters and customers, the Malibu could be intimidating if you weren't used to the roughneck revelry.  It closed about a year ago, but Joe Gilchrist, the Flora-Bama owner who was raised in Warrington, purchased the club earlier this year.  He's keeping the name but the interior has  been completely remodeled.  The old package store will be converted into a general store and music will be as important as the alcohol."  

There's even a Facebook page "New Malibu Lounge" so check it out and share it with friends. 


October 21, 2015
There is even more sad news to report this week.  Although she wasn't in our class, I know many of you will remember Frances Harper Fox's sister, Elizabeth Harper Holsberry, a graduate of the PHS Class of 1962.  Elizabeth passed away early Tuesday morning, October 18th.   A memorial service will be held on Saturday, October 24th, at 10:30 AM at Christ Episcopal Church in Pensacola, followed by a reception in the Parish Hall. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Christ Episcopal Church or to Manna Food Bank.  If you would like to express your condolences to Frances and Elizabeth's family, click HERE to go to the Pensacola News Journal guestbook.


May 6, 2015

Some photos from our 55th Reunion celebration have been uploaded to the Photograph Album section.  We hope we will be receiving more soon. 

There is some sad news to share with everyone.  The daughter of our classmate Dot (Posey) Alexander was killed on Sunday evening, May  3rd.  This message was sent to us by Barbara (Litchfield) Moon and Mary Nolan:
I want to let you know Dot Alexander's youngest daughter Donna was killed last night about 6:30 in a terrible accident at her home on 17th Avenue.   The family had just been there and left, from a birthday party Donna had given for Dot. 
A truck sped in from 17th Avenue into her home, crossing the porch and entering into her living room where she and her husband were sitting on the couch in the living room.   Donna was struck by the speeding truck, that crushed her into a wall.  Her husband wasn't injured.  It took several hours into the night for the scene to be cleared.  Dot and her other daughter Tammy, stayed there until accident personnel took care of further arrangements.  

Click HERE for the Pensacola News Journal article on the accident.

April 28, 2015                                                         
Dear Classmates,

Thank You to everyone who donated to our wonderful gift.  We are going to use it for something special from our special friends.

Thanks also for attending our 55th Class Reunion.  Your joy and laughter was the best thanks we could have for all our efforts.

Hope we will all be together again in 2020!

December 11, 2014
Alabama/Florida Governors to Honor Joe Gilchrist
Joe & his daughter Marjorie Gilchrist at the Flora-Bama
Joe & his daughter Marjorie Gilchrist at the Flora-Bama
December 11, 2014 (PKF) - The Governors of Alabama & Florida are coming together to honor Joe Gilchrist (owner of the Flora-Bama) for his contribution to live music and the happiness of others here on the Alabama/Florida Gulf Coast.

Gulf Coast gives accolades to one of their own. Joe Gilchrist, owner of the famed Flora-Bama and founder of The Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival, will receive long over due recognition and appreciation from his loyal customers, music lovers and entertainers who frequent the legendary Flora-Bama.

Friends, family, and foes will gather in the Main Room to pay homage to a local hero and much loved by all, near and far. No one ever forgets their visits to the Bama! This historical event will take place Monday, December 15th at 6:00pm. Come and hear some of your favorite musicians and give Joe a “High Five”!

The brief history on Joe Gilchrist and Flora-Bama: 
  • The Flora-Bama is located on the Florida/Alabama state line. It is a cultural landmark voted by Playboy Magazine as “The best beach bar in the world”. Home to the famous Mullet Toss and other events and concerts, bringing millions of visitors a year.
  • Legendary entertainers have played there such as Kenny Chesney, Taylor Hicks, The Wet Willie Band, Willie Nelson, and Jimmy Buffet (who recorded a song titled, “Bama Breeze” on his album, “Take the Weather With You”). Kenny Stabler, Alabama Quarterback & NFL player, said it is his favorite “watering hole”. Even the famous Blue Angels flew over the Bama during it’s flight drills to salute the Bama and it’s owner Joe Gilchrist.
  • The Flora-Bama has been featured in USA Today, Playboy Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, NY Times and CNN, etc…. Joe Gilchrist, owner operator, bought it in 1978. Joe was born in Birmingham, graduated from Auburn and taught school in Pensacola, Florida before buying the Flora-Bama.
  • Joe founded the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival in 1984 creating a “Musical Journey” for songwriters from all over the country. Around 200 songwriters perform their songs at venues (including Flora-Bama) all along the Gulf Coast from Pensacola to Gulf Shores. Joe pays for this annual “Out of Pocket” event to give new songs and talent a chance to be heard. The festival is named after the night watchman, Mr. Frank Brown, who worked at the Bama for 28 years always protecting and looking out for the songwriters. He was 91 years old when he retired and was featured in an interview by Paul Harvey.
  • Flora-Bama plays host to many charities and has a “Worship on the Water” church service every Sunday where the musicians donate their time and talent. Joe took 100 residents and 10 songwriters to New York City after 911 to help the economy and to honor the policemen and firemen. Ten years later on the 10th anniversary he returned again with residents and songwriters to let New Yorks finest and best know they were not forgotten.
  • In addition to surviving Hurricane Ivan, the great music, delicious food and exciting atmosphere (some say the Flora-Bama is a VORTEX of happiness), Joe feels that the success of the Flora-Bama is largely due to it’s motto: “To always be respective and sensitive to the human dignity of others. To grant equal respect to all who enter the Flora-Bama, expecting the same in return. To ensure our guests enjoy the magic of the Flora-Bama, leave safe and happy and come again with new friends.”

October 15, 2014

Pensacola News-Journal

Catholic’s Smith passes away after 22 years coaching

Longtime Catholic baseball assistant coach PJ Smith passed away Wednesday after battling a heart condition for the past 20 years.  A fixture in the Catholic High dugout, the 72-year old Smith spent 22 years as a volunteer assistant coach at Catholic while touching the lives of each player that passed through.  And with head coach Richard LaBounty, he helped mold the baseball program into a state and national power.  During Smith's tenure, the Crusaders earned 16 district championships, 12 final four appearances, three state championships, three state runner-ups and a national championship in 2013.  The retired firefighter and baseball umpire was often referred to by LaBounty as the "straw who stirs the drink" in the Catholic High baseball program.  

"He was a great coach, a great man...and he always did things the right way," LaBounty said.  "He built special relationships with every player who came through the program.  He helped develop boys into men.  He will be sorely missed.  Not us to Catholic - but I really believe by the whole community."

Smith wasn't just influential in the Catholic High dugout.  He often reached out to opposing players, helping them in their game.  A big baseball fan, Smith could often be seen at Pensacola Blue Wahoos games, on nights when the Crusaders weren't playing.  When news of Smith's passing broke Wednesday night, players from all across the Pensacola area took to Twitter to offer condolences and kind words for Smith.  According to LaBounty, Smith played a key role in LaBounty's personal life, too.

"He (Smith) is like a brother to me," LaBounty said.  We not only spent time on the field, but off the field, too.  And I'll miss him every day.  He's touched my life and I'm a better person because of being around him.  Catholic High baseball, we're one big family - a large part of that is due to (Smith) being a part of it."


July 12, 2014
A Note From Art Hufford
For those classmates who are not aware of this, nearly two years ago Mary began having pains in her left lower jaw.  Her doctors suspected she might have trigeminal neuralgia and she was put on a medicine called Tegretol which successfully controlled her pain to a level of soreness.  In April, she began having severe pain attacks once again. An increased dose of Tegretol did not help and we and her neurologist agreed that it was time to move on to a solution.  Her doctors put her on pain meds to dull the pain, but nothing eliminated the attacks, which are triggered by eating, drinking, coughing, and talking.  Mornings are typically the worst, but the attacks can come on without warning at any time. 
We hoped that she would be a good candidate for a “gamma knife” procedure...which uses  200 highly focused gamma ray beams to target and partially destroy the trigeminal nerve causing her pain.  Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola has a gamma knife machine, but demand is so great here that no one could see her for several months.  We were able to get an appointment almost immediately with a neurosurgeon at Shands Hospital in Gainesville.  The surgery was performed in April.  After the surgery, Mary was able to eat and talk without triggering any of the shooting pains.  She still had some minor pain and twinges in the affected area (lower left jaw), but her surgeon believed that those would go away in a few days.  He was confident the trigeminal nerves in her lower jaw were sufficiently damaged by the radiofrequency lesion procedure that her trigeminal pains were over.  Unfortunately, Mary did have some unexpected side effects that her surgeon also believed would disappear with time.  She was experiencing double vision which was caused by a numbing of the nerves controlling her left eye.  Her doctor said this sometimes happens but that it normally clears up in 1-2 weeks.  In the meantime, he told her to wear an eye patch over her left eye to prevent headaches and dizziness.  The second unexpected side effect was strong numbness in her left nose/cheek area. She woke up in recovery with total numbness in her left nose/cheek area and a lesser feeling of numbness in her lower jaw...causing us both to worry that they had zapped the wrong nerve.   The doctor again assured us that he definitely got the lower nerve as planned, but that sometimes other branches of the trigeminal nerve can be affected. 
On July 11th, we returned to Shands and Mary underwent another radio-frequency lesion procedure to block the trigeminal pain in her lower left jaw.  This time it worked!!!!  When she had the procedure first done in April, the numbness wore off quickly and the pain returned.  This time her neurosurgeon there got it right, producing partial numbness is her lower jaw.  Mary will now taper off the medications she was taking, and over time, will know if the treatment today will be a long-term success; I believe it will.

Unfortunately, the damage done during the first attempt in April can’t be undone. The unintended numbing of her left cheek and forehead will probably be permanent.  The most troubling side-effect from the April procedure remains double vision, caused by paralysis of the left eye muscle.  This rare side-effect of the procedure has always cleared, but normally in a few weeks, with the longest being three months.  Mary is at 12 weeks, but breaking this record is not one of her "bucket list" goals!

Many Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers over these many months of Mary's facial pain.

May 26, 2014
Memorial Day Tribute to Winfield Beck
I want to pay special tribute and extend my thanks to the late Winfield Beck, who gave his life so that we can continue to enjoy freedom in our country. Winfield was a good friend during our years at PHS. Sadly, I never got to see him after graduation, but remember him as one of the best men, perhaps the very best, in our class. Winfield was a born leader with a wonderful sense of purpose. He was wise beyond his years, one reason why so many looked up to him. His good looks and charm never went to his head, as he always remained humble. Winfield, we miss you and look forward to the day when we might see your smiling face once again!            George Gaines, Class of '60 

Editor's note:  More tributes to Winfield from family and friends can be found on the Memoriam page.

July 24, 2013
When you reach your 60’s and 70’s, you tend to skim through the obituaries in hopes of not recognizing any names.  Unfortunately, eventually we do find the names of friends. Regrettably, we have lost two more of our classmates recently:  William “Bill” Collins and  Francis “Smitty” Smith, and I bet some of you wish that you had had a chance to spend some time with one or both before they departed.  Maybe we should have a “visit one more time” page in our heads and in our hearts before that day comes when we see a dear friend’s name on the list of the recently departed.

March 17, 2013

Sadly there is news of yet another classmate's passing.  Cliff Tharp died this past Monday, March 11th, in Richmond, Virginia.  Those of you who attended our 50th reunion in 2010, no doubt remember seeing Cliff and his wife Rose there, along with Linda O'Leary Hunneyman and her husband Ed. 

Today I was reminded of a poem that I first read back in high school.  At the age of seventeen the words held little meaning for me.  Now they do.....



Around the corner I have a friend,
In this great city that has no end;
Yet days go by, and weeks rush on,
And before I know it a year is gone,
And I never see my old friend’s face,
For Life is a swift and terrible race,
He knows I like him just as well
As in the days when I rang his bell
And he rang mine.  We were younger then,
And now we are busy, tired men:
Tired with playing a foolish game,
Tired with trying to make a name,
“Tomorrow,” I say, “I will call on Jim,
Just to show that I’m thinking of him.”
But tomorrow comes – and tomorrow goes,
And the distance between us grows and grows
Around the corner! – yet miles away….
“Here’s a telegram, sir….”
                                       “Jim died today.”
And that’s what we get, and deserve in the end:
Around the corner, a vanished friend.
                                          Charles Hanson Towne  
We don't know what tomorrow may bring.  Reach out to your friends while you still can.  


November 19, 2010

A refurbished home court and a new sponsor was part of Pensacola State College (formerly Pensacola Junior College) ushering in a new era for its men's basketball team.  Thanks to the efforts of Freddie Falgout, last week ten players and one cheerleader from the 1960-61 team, the first to play at PJC,  were honored as part of the 50th anniversary event. 

That year the Pirates inaugurated the gym and went on to a successful first season, gaining the number two birth in the Region Eight standings.  As noted in the 1961 school Annual, TIDE, "the success of the Pirates this season can be attributed to three factors:  great determination, hard work, and the fine coaching of Tom Gross.  Next year the Pirates expect a better record.  The high scoring of Larry Bulger, the spark-plug playing of Bucky Stringfellow and "Kansas" Ellison, the bounding of Herb Baker, coupled with the experience gained this year should make a fine season for the 1961-62 Pirates."

Go HERE to see photos of the team then and now.

November 2, 2010
Congratulations to our classmates Ashton and Sandy Hayward.  Their son, Ashton Hayward III, was elected mayor of Pensacola today. 
October 14, 2010
Yesterday's edition of the Pensacola News-Journal featured an article about our classmate, Jim Bachus, and the PHS Tigers' record 23-game winning season in 1958-59.  Go HERE to read Jim's interview with PNJ sports writer D. C. Reeves. 

September 18, 2010

Here's some news on one of our classmates, Jack Sims.  Via Facebook, Jack's wife, Sharon, writes that "Jack is having a pace maker put in on the 28th to make his heart beat faster. It has been stopping for about 3 seconds at a time. Hope this will make him feel better. Please keep him in your prayers."  

Anyone who would like to send good wishes to Jack can do it via Facebook, or through our website by going to the Classmates page, entering "Sims" in the search box, and clicking on "Send This Person A Message."  Or, if you have the latest class booklet, you will find Jack's email and home address there. 


September 13, 2010

Almost all of the photographs from our 50th reunion have been uploaded into several albums on the Photograph Album page.  You will find them under the headings of: 50th Reunion: Getting Ready,   Heritage Hall I, Heritage Hall II, Heritage Hall III, Flora-Bama, New World Landing I, New World Landing II, and New World Landing III.  I have done my best to identify the people in each photo, so you'll know who they are without having to zoom in on their name tags.  Mistakes are inevitable, so if you spot one, please let me know.  I also have a few photos from the Sunday brunch  to upload, which I will get to in the next few days.  You will also notice two more additions to the Photograph Albums page: R.O.M.E.O's and LADIES WHO LUNCH.  Most of the photos in these two albums were relocated from "Older & Wiser", although a few new ones have been added to the LADIES WHO LUNCH.   Two new pages have been added to the menu bar:  Annie Get Your Gun and Graduation, and thanks to Joe Labrato, we have been able to add some additional photos from the 25th, 30th, and 45th reunions.   Oh, and you may want to check out the photo at the end of the Tiger Football page.  If you have any suggestions or ideas for the website, I would love to hear from you. In the meantime, keep checking back. You never know what you may find.


August 16, 2010

Dear All, 

On Mary's annual mammogram last June, they found a spot that needed more testing.  Follow-ups led to a biopsy and confirmation that she had breast cancer.  The tumor was small, and we decided to go for a lumpectomy.  Today she had the lumpectomy to remove the tumor.   

Now for the good news:  She came through her surgery today just fine.  The great news was that her lymph nodes were sign of any cancer in the lymph system.  We won't know until next week if the margins of the "lump" were also clear, but even if they were not, they would just go back later and remove the rest.  She will still receive radiation treatments to be doubly sure. 

Just wanted you to know what has been going on with us lately. 


Art and Mary


May 28, 2010

Dear Classmates, 

Thanks to all of you for our great gifts.  The photo book is so much fun to look at and relive the weekend.   We have hung the Class picture on our family room wall so everyone can enjoy it.   Thanks to each one of you for your support and attendance.  We enjoyed visiting with so many of you.  Please keep in touch.  Again, Thanks. 

Art and Mary Hufford 


May 16, 2010

Thanks to your donations, this past Friday, May 14th, several classmates gathered at McGuire's Irish Pub in Pensacola to present Art and Mary Hufford with the keepsake book of reunion photographs.  

The dedication page is featured below.  If you have difficulty reading the inscription, click on the photo to enlarge.

We were also able to surprise them with an additional gift from the class: a framed 11 x 16 enlargement of our 50 year reunion photo. 
April 14, 2010:

Well, we've been looking forward to this week-end and it's finally upon us.  Our 50th reunion promises to be a nostalgic and memorable event.  The most successful reunions are those that bring back the most classmates and this one will have the highest turnout by far, thanks to the tireless efforts of our reunion committee and volunteers.  There's going to be an entire week-end of getting reacquainted, laughing, entertainment, good food, music, and reminiscing about those good ol' days at PHS.  For many of us, it just might be the last time we will have this opportunity as our lives lead us down continuingly diverse paths, which is all the more reason that we want everyone there to share in these treasured memories.  

A lot has happend in 50 years, but we are still the same old friends.  Sure, we may have gained a few pounds, our hair may be getting gray, and there may be a few wrinkles here and there...BUT our personalities and sense of humor haven't been touched by time.   So, Get Excited! Get Motivated! Get Enthused! Get Ready! And we'll see you soon!!!    
March 29, 2010
It's almost April!   The deadline for getting your information in for the class booklet is fast approaching.  If you are still procrastinating, you need to get this to Mary (Moffett) Hufford by the end of this week.  

With less than three weeks to go, we have been able to verify addresses for over 400 classmates, an outstanding achievement!  Thanks to everyone who assisted in the effort.  There are still 65 names on our "missing" list and the search will continue.  Sadly our Remembrance page now features 85 friends and classmates.  The latest addition is Ruby Southard Stanton, who passed away on Saturday, March 27, 2010.  Funeral services will be held Wednesday, March 31, at the Salvation Army in Pensacola.  

We are also saddened to hear that Bill Mock's wife, Sandy, passed away today.  If you would like to express condolences, you can access Bill's profile on the Classmates Register page to send him an email.

We now have 258 classmate profiles featured on our website, and we are thrilled that 132 classmate reservations for the reunion have been received so far, with more arriving every day.  With the addition of spouses or friends to that figure, we are anticipating quite a crowd for the festivities.  Get your reservations in today!  It's not too late!

Oh, and be sure to check out the "Speak Up!" page.  Jim King is hoping some of you will share some memories of your youth.  He's come up with quite a few of his own.  

March 11, 2010:

Dear Classmates,

Time is flying by...only five weeks left before our 50th Reunion!   Over 200 Classmates have already sent us their Booklet Information Form, but there are many that we still haven't heard from (you know who you are!).  

If you haven't already done so, would you PLEASE fill out the form as soon as possible; we have to go to press April 1.  You should have received an email recently that includes all the information necessary to complete the form.  If you access your email, all you need to do is hit the REPLY button to the email, add your information to the questions and then SEND.  That's all there is to it. 

This year's booklet will be the best ever.  We have located over 400 of our classmates, and so this booklet will be packed with lots of information about our classmates, where they are living now, and what is going on in their lives.  If you are unable to come to the Reunion but would like a copy, you can still order one for $12 (our out-of-pocket cost for printing and postage).  Just make out your check to PHS Class of 1960, and send it to Mary Hufford, 2300 Hallmark Drive, Pensacola, FL 32503. 

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the Booklet Information Form.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!!! 

Mary (Moffett) Hufford
Reunion Chairman


February 20, 2010

Two more names have been added to our Remembrance page, Sandra McWaters and Peggy Peterman.



February 8, 2010

In the past couple of weeks, Jim King has been trying to promote some dialog among classmates, first on our blog page (Speak Up!), and when that failed to elicit any responses, he turned to the Guest Book. Still no replies. Since I’d like to encourage you to see what Jim had to say, I won’t repeat it here; but, I hope I have at least piqued your curiosity enough that you will try to find out.  As of today, we are up to 5000 hits on the website, so it’s obvious you’ve been checking it out. If you have something to say but would rather do so anonymously, that’s okay, too. The best place on the website to start a discussion and get feedback is on the Message Boards page, which up until now hasn't been utilized at all.  All you need to get started is the same user name and password that you assigned when you registered.  Those who haven't registered on the website but would like to participate in the discussions, can still sign up on the Message Board page.  

Five more of our classmates have been added to the Remembrance page, bringing the total to 75, and that is quite a sobering number of friends we have lost. I hope you will take the time to look at  their faces. They each had close friends in high school.  If you have a memory of them that you would like to share, please do it now. Whether they were friends or classmates that you didn’t know that well, each one was special to at least one of us, and we all benefited from their acquaintance. They all touched our lives in large or small ways, and none should ever be forgotten.


February 7, 2010

We’re nearing countdown mode now – only 67 days left until the reunion! Have you sent in your information for the class booklet? Don’t delay. Do it TODAY.   You also need to send in your reservations for the reunion festivities (along with your checks).  Soon we will posting your RSVPs so classmates can see who’s planning to attend. We’ve all been working overtime to make sure that this will be the best reunion ever, so get those reservations in and let us know you’re coming! 

You may have noticed that the classmate registrations on the website have increased recently. As your information has been received for our class booklet, we’ve gone ahead and registered you on our website as well. We withhold your email address and other contact information from public view, and the "Send This Person a Message" feature does not reveal any of your private contact information to the sender. You, and you alone, will have the option of revealing your email address by replying (or not) to any messages you receive through this feature. The one question that wasn’t included in the request for information for our class booklet was “What have you been doing for the past 50 years?” so we hope you will log on to our registration page and give us your answer. It will only take a few minutes and we guarantee it will not obligate you to buy anything or to do anything whatsoever. It is free and painless. Out of over 500 classmates, we have now registered 193 on the website. So come on all you Tigers! We know you can do better than that! 

January 26, 2010

We have put a huge amount of effort this past year into tracking down our missing classmates. We have also been blessed with expert help from Johnny Wakefield (PHS Class of 1959). Johnny, and more recently a friend of his (John Wilkes), have found addresses and phone numbers for most of our missing classmates. We will be making a big push over the next two months to verify the last of these missing classmates…to make sure we have actually found them.  It takes a lot of persistence, calling at different times of the day, to finally get people to answer; caller ID’s, call screening, and answering machines do not make it any easier. If you would like to help us with some phone calling, please let us know.


January 18, 2010

Check-out "Classmate Couples" on the menu bar, and if we missed anyone, please let us know.  

Another name has been added to our Remembrance page:  Brenda Schroeder Frenkel, who passed away on December 17th, 2009.  Brenda didn't graduate with our class but she was with us through our junior year.  


January 10, 2010

Late today I received the sad news that one of our classmates, Linda Lee (Baker) Bennett,  passed away on Wednesday, January 6th.  You will find her obituary on our Remembrance page.
Art and Mary Hufford are back home after spending the Christmas holidays with their family.  After packing away all of Mary's thousands of Christmas ornaments and decorations, they are hard at work on finalizing the costs for the reunion as well as verifying the whereabouts of "lost" classmates so the Missing list can be updated.  Keep checking back for new information, which we hope to have posted in the very near future. 

I guess I can't complain about the frigid temperatures here in New England any longer since it looks like most of you are shivering in below normal temps as well.  I hope you all have a snug roof above you, a cozy fire to warm you, and good friends beside you.


 January 1, 2010

The first day of a new year, and the beginning of a new decade.  I hope everyone will take time to  reflect on the meaning of  auld lang syne, which literally means old long since. The English translation would be something like long, long ago or days of long ago. For old times’ sake, or to the old days, or to days (or times) gone by  are modern-day expressions that capture the spirit of “for auld lang syne,” and although the song begins with a question whether old times should be forgotten, the song is generally interpreted as a call to remember long standing friendships.   

I wish you, I wish you
A dream worth the doing.
And fortune's face smiling
On all you're pursuing.
And pleasures that far far
Outweigh your small sorrows.
Arms opened wide to embrace your tomorrows.
A long sunlit sail on the bluest and smoothest of bays.
I wish you the sweetest of nights
And the finest of days.
                                                     --Judith Viorst 

A very Happy 2010 to friends and classmates. 


December 20, 2009

For those of you haven't heard the news, after a 50 year wait, the PHS Tigers have once again captured the Class 3A state championship at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando on December 18th.  The last time that happened was 1959, OUR senior year at PHS.  
December 10, 2009

Our sponsor list is growing.  So far we've received over $5,000 in classmate contributions!  We've added some memorable (?) Christmas music from the 50's and 60's to the site and a special Happy Holidays page on the menu bar, featuring holiday greetings from Art and Mary Hufford. Be sure to click on the photo to enlarge it so you can get a better look at some of the more than two thousand decorations on the tree.    If you click on Photograph Albums on the menu bar, you'll also find a "Christmas Memories 2009" album and we're hoping that many of you will add some of your own family Christmas photos to the album.  (After the holidays the photograph of Mary and Art and their beautiful tree will be transferred to the "Christmas Memories 2009" album in the Photograph Album section of the website.)  
November 25, 2009

A few new things have been added to the website for your holiday enjoyment.  There's a 50's Music Quiz page and nine more sponsors have been added to the Classmates Sponsors page.  In the Photograph Album section, photographs from our 30th and 35th reunions can be viewed, and for former A. V. Clubbs students, two more Tattlers have been added:  March 19, 1957, and May 1, 1957.    Two "new" Tiger's Tale papers have been uploaded to that page, and coincidentally, both editions were published in November,  one in 1958 and the other was the Thanksgiving issue of our senior year. It appears it was a pretty chilly November back in 1959.  Apparently our cheerleaders "looked mighty spiffy in their white earmuffs and gloves."  There's also a wonderful article about our classmate, Connor Shaw, who passed away in 2006.  You can find a link under Connor's photograph on the Remembrance page. 
As you gather with your loved ones this week, may the blessings of Thanksgiving fill your hearts and homes. 
November 22, 2009

Our reunion chairman, Mary Moffett Hufford, wants to thank everyone for their generous donations to support our 50th reunion.  The committee is working hard on finalizing our Reunion Budget and Reservation Prices, and asks if you were thinking about becoming a sponsor, to please let Mary and Art know soon.  This will be a big help to them as they firm up the reservation prices.  Sponsor support will help to make our reunion more affordable for everyone.  A new page has been added to the website: Classmate Sponsors, which lists the names of everyone who has sent in a donation.  Many thanks!

Once again I encourage classmates who have been passive observers on our website, to take a more active role.  Participate in online discussions, register to let us know where life has taken you over the past 50 years...we're interested!  So far the committee has located and verified addresses for 301 classmates and only 100 have registered on the website.   We still have another 2/3 of you to enroll.   
October 29, 2009

A new page has been added to the menu bar:  A. V. Clubbs Jr High.  Thanks to Sheila Phillips Smith and Arnold Seligman, we've received several old issues of the Clubbs newspaper, The Tattler.  Two issues have been posted so far.

To those classmates who came to PHS from Warrington, Brentwood or Blount Jr High Schools (or any others that I may have forgotten), we welcome your school mementos, too, so please send a message via the Contact Us page to let us know what you have to contribute.

October 12, 2009

We received some sad news today.  Larry Pinkerton passed away on Sunday, October 11, 2009.  Larry was on the football and track team his freshman, junior and senior years at PHS.  If anyone would like to add a remembrance of Larry,  please forward it via the Contact Us page and it will be posted immediately.  Larry's obituary can be found on our Remembrance page.


September 18, 2009

You may be wondering what has happened to our "Missing" and "Misplaced" Persons lists. We have combined them into one list and given it a new name:  We're Searchin'.  Take a look at the new, updated list, as that tune begins running around in your brain (with a slight revision)...gonna find them...gonna find them...gonna find them.  You are all deputized as Northwest Mounties, so start searchin'!  We'd like to see this list go from 258 to ZERO!!!!  

We've also added a new section to the website:  Speak Up!  This replaces the old Blog page.  Blog must have seemed a little too intimidating for a lot of you since we had zero participation.  As stated in the introduction to this section, you should think of it as "Facebook for the Class of '60,"  where you can voice your thoughts and opinions and get feedback from other classmates.  We hope you'll give it try. 

September 12, 2009 

In case you haven't noticed, or perhaps haven't visited the site for a while, there's been a new section added recently.  Six copies of The Tiger's Tale have been uploaded, all from our senior year at PHS.   Thanks go to Gerry and Sharon Vinson, who carted them around for many years through several states.  According to Gerry, the papers "sat in the bottom of a trunk in an unsealed plastic bag for 49 years, moving from Florida to Central Texas to Southern California's high desert to San Francisco to Denver and finally to Oklahoma.  Sharon was the one who saved them." 

The papers are in Adobe PDF format so you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to view the files.