Prior to our 50th Reunion, we were able to locate over 75% of our classmates, thanks to the tireless efforts of John Wakefield, John Wilk, and members of the reunion committee who volunteered to help in the search.  In the intervening ten years, the missing list has grown.  These are just a few of the names of classmates we have lost touch with.  If anyone can provide clues to the whereabouts of any of these classmates, please let us know.  We are updating the list frequently as letters are being returned "address unknown."  Someone on the list may be a friend of yours and if that is the case, please give them a friendly nudge and ask them to get in touch with us, either through the website (click CONTACT US), or by sending the information directly to:

Art & Mary Hufford, 10100 Hillview Drive, Apt 2404, Pensacola, FL 32514-5484

Phone 850-438-5863 Home
850-380-5863 (Art's cell/text) 

If you  should find a name on the list of a classmate who is deceased, it would be helpful if you could provide any additional information that would allow us to verify the death such as the approximate date and where the death occurred.  We don't want to put anyone of this list in error, which has occurred, much to that classmate's surprise and shock.  


Walter Charles AHRENS, Jr.
Sandra (BAKER) Simpson Natco
Mary Ileane (BEASLEY) Sexton
Mary Kathleen BLITCH
Francis Edward BURNHAM
Ausbern Gordia (BUSH) Heuer
Shirley Ann (CHAVERS) Horne
Sarah Christina (Sally DECKER) Cipperly
George Martin DRUSE, Jr.
Delores Jayne (EDGAR) Griffin
June Elizabeth (FARRANT) Pittard
Margaret Annette (FORCIER) Slay
Marie Fay (GAINEY) Kraska 
Gloria Mae (GARRETT) Bansemer
Evelyn Frances (GOLDEN) Henderson
William Runyan GOLZALEZ
Norma Jean GREEN Wilson
Steven Lester HALL
George Stone HALLMARK, Jr.
William Charles HELTON
Rachel Jean (HERRINGTON) Perrin
Charles L. "Buddy" HOUDASHELT
Jo Leen (JOHNSON) Owens
Janice Emily JOINER
Wayne Kenneth JONES
George Stanley LEONARD, Jr.
Henry Franklin LEWIS
Sue Ann (MACARTHY) Mayne
Philip Stephen MASON
Linda Cameron (McLEAN) Wells
Max Weldon MEDLEY, Jr.
Twinkle Johnne (MEHARG) Sellers
George Elliot MINTON
Lisa Gale (NIVEN) Reid
Evelyn Omajean (NIX) Gaffney
Sandra Annelle (O'SHIELDS) Canada
Sharon Gayle (PATTERSON) Hill
Patricia Lee (RELYEA) Barber Griffin
Beverly Anne (SHULER) Kennedy
Charles Edward SMEETON
James Cordell Hull STORY

Virginia Lee (WEST) Robinson