1. When is the reunion?
The reunion is on August 12 & 13, 2022
2. Where is the reunion?
Pensacola Yacht Club
3. How much will the reunion cost?

The cost of the reunion can be found on the 2022 Reunion page

4. Can I pay with a credit card?
No.  To keep the cost down, we cannot accept credit cards.  You will need to pay by cash or check.
5. Where do I send my check?
Your check should be made payable to PHS Class of 1960 and mailed to the Committee Chairman, Mary Moffett Hufford, 10100 Hillview Dr., Apt 2404,
Pensacola, FL 32514-5484           
6. Should I be concerned about having my personal information displayed online?
The website is hosted in a secure environment which is TRUSTe certified with SSL encrypted transmissions. We respect your privacy. Your personal information (address, phone, email) will not be displayed on the site or given to anyone other than the reunion committee members without your permission. If you want others to see this information, you can add it to your personal narrative in the comments section of your profile.