"Once upon a time we were young together.
Whenever we get together, we still are." 

REMEMBERING...Our 50th Reunion


Wow!!!  What a time we had!  Over one hundred and sixty classmates came together for three wonderful days filled with memories, renewed friendships, non-stop dancing, and stories shared into the wee hours of the morning.  Our faithful group turned out in numbers that defy reunion statistics.  Everyone said that they had never seen a class reunite in such numbers and with such enthusiasm, warmth and caring for each other.  As a group, we have held fast to friendships that span more than fifty years, and we have collectively chosen to care about each other for a lifetime.  The minute we stepped through that door at Heritage Hall on Friday night, we began to feel like teenagers again, reminded of a time when everything was possible and nothing was beyond our reach.  It was a week-end filled with old music, old memories and most importantly, old friends.  It was also a night of meeting new people:  classmates we didn't know that well and friends and spouses of classmates.  If you weren't able to join us, we did, indeed, miss you.

A big "Thank You" to everyone to helped to make our 50th class reunion such a spectacular success, especially to Art and Mary Hufford, the heart and soul of our reunions, to the reunion committee, a group of talented and wonderful classmates who contributed their time and energy to ensure that we had a reunion we will always remember, and to our generous sponsors who helped to make it all possible.

Our class website has been funded for at least the next five years, and we hope it will continue to be a gathering place that you will visit often to share your stories and to keep us updated on your lives.  We will continue to fill these pages with as many photographs and memorabilia as we are able to track down, so if you find any hidden treasures, please let us know.  Remember to keep checking our Announcements page for newsworthy items that we hope to receive about our classmates and their families.  Now that we have found each other, let's promise to never lose touch again.