Wayne Tippin, the webmaster for the PHS Class of 1958, has been collecting high school memories from his classmates for over two years and has put them together  in a compendium entitled "Class Memories".  All contributers are anonymous, and most names are removed from the texts.  It makes for interesting reading.  Wayne commented, "We thought we knew our friends and classmates but the memories may reveal a side of them that we didn't know."

Click 'HERE' to read their memories of high school, of Pensacola, and of life in the 1950's.   


It's possible to leave things behind
- places, people, memories -
at least for a time,
but places hold tight to the things
that happened in them,
and to come again to a place you once knew
is to be brought face to face with
 what you had done there and
who you had been.