There were a few classmates who graduated with our class who were not pictured in the yearbook.  In those cases, if a photo was available from the '59 yearbook it was substituted.  For those classmates who do not find a photo, you will need to click the "Add Your Info" button located at the upper left of your screen to start your registration.

Not satisfied with your entry?  You can go back and make adjustments as many times as you wish.  

Married ladies should take note that once their profile has been modified to include their married name, an alphabetical search for them will find them listed under their married name rather than their maiden name or name at graduation.  This becomes an issue only when you are searching alphabetically.  Unfortunately, this is the way the system was designed by the web host and there is no way to change it. If you search by "Name at Graduation" or  by "Last Name" in the "sort by" menu it is much easier to locate people and a lot faster.  

Click HERE to register or update your profile on the Classmates page.  For those classmates who have not registered on the website, if you provided information for the class booklet for the 50th reunion, we have created a profile for you.  We are also in the process of adding additional information that we have received for the 55th reunion booklet; however, you are welcome to edit your profile here at any time.